Friday, 20 October 2006


Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, October 20, 2006 with 2 comments
on track
Last night I completed the 3000m in 11:39 taking it fairly easy. Only once last season did I run faster than that in any race (11.23). So a very good start, compares with a 12.29 first up 12 months ago. Looks like my 3000m target for 2006 (which I recently revised from 11:10 back to 11:15) is likely.

QR - Queensland Rail, off track.

Here’s where the Queensland tilt train tilted too far a couple of years back. Apparently it was moving at double the authorised speed for that section of track. It makes me wonder how fast you should try to run at the oval at Parliament House on Monday! Its circumference is 200m if you run within an arm’s length from the edge; according to Mr Flibble.

So the lesson to be learned here is, don't train too fast.

back on track
There were many brilliant performances last night, lots of people and many new faces. All time pbs included Pam, Helen and Katie in the 1500. I see the ACTVAC website is being prepared for the 06-07 season, so full details will be available very soon.

"train"; get it?


  1. Full steam ahead then for the 3km in 2006, well done, actually electrifying. It's a good signal to revise that timetable.

  2. Yay Geoff, and yay to all those pbs! Team Moore is flying.

    I've actually been on that tilt train before, and was unerved a little when that happened. Used to do the Rocky - Brisbane route quite a bit, and was really nice inside.