Saturday, 21 October 2006

Global warming

Posted by Aki on Saturday, October 21, 2006 with 4 comments

Now we just have to find the same progression in running shorts...


  1. I liked my mouse! And it wasn't real. And I will make up for it tomorrow.

  2. that mouse is a definite product of circumstance. but why isnt anyone saying anything about the kiwi??? it's part of the picture too...

    i liked the global warming picture! i'm quite sure it was real.

  3. karmin! Our revised forecast for tomorrow morning is -1! You would fee-reeze. That's "minus one"! Local warming isn't happening. Jen and others at the Brindabella classic (up in the mountains) will fee-reeze too, as it is quite a few degrees colder up there.. And it's spring. (Autumn where you are, of course, as I am well aware)

    Although, where is the rain?

  4. if only i WERE experiencing autumn... yet another desire spurred by the environment HERE!

    little rain at the moment as the haze from indonesia is all we are caring about. a great interest is shown in PSI mainly because people are falling sick because of it. slash and burn...

    here the problem is breathing...