Monday, 23 October 2006

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The Brindabella Classic, "Australia's Premier downhill race", was on yesterday, see strewth’s blog for a write up. Strewth calls Aki the “Speedy Gosling”. Ha Ha HA. There are a few very sore bodies who won't be along to training tonight. However I will be there, early as usual.

My training progress
last week's target: n/a, actual 50k
this week’s target: 80k
weight: 64kg and steady

I was pretty slack last week. One new thing, I went out to track on Saturday afternoon to watch some of the interclub program. As expected the 1500s were quicker than at Vets. There are some kids I could be up with at the end. They all start too fast though and would be 100m ahead of me by half way. So when I can, I will run, maybe this Saturday is possible, and remember not to start too fast. And I like the design of the new Norths singlets, I will get one.

So this week I will run BBQ Stakes, Vets track, and ACTA track as well if I have time.

song of the week: 2+2=5 – Radiohead, from "Hail To The Thief". I have been listening to Radiohead, Keane, Evermore, Delirious and Chris Tomlin this week.

happy birthday: Colin Farlow turns 45 tomorrow. A tough new age group Col!

wedding bells: Joel and Yelena leave on Wednesday this week for Peru, to get married. The wedding date is 1pm in Lima 0n 4 November, which is 3am on the 5th our time . They will be back in Canberra on Sunday 12th November.

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  1. So, how was Strewth's knee lift in the 100m sprints tonight?

    Congratulations Joel and Yelena!