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Team Moore’s 10k Canberra Times Fun Run results

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The new patient calmly looked up and said, "You can differentiate me all you like: I'm e to the x."

CTFR results
63 Kathy Southgate 39.10 1st W50
68 David Webster 39.28
100 John Kennedy 41.13
103 Tony Bond 41.19
103 Bob Harlow 41.19
113 Ken Gordon 41.28
152 Helen Larmour 42.58
159 Maria O’Reilly 43.07
183 Geoff Moore 43.33
188 Kevin Chamberlain 43.40
190 Katie Forestier 43.44
191 Gary Bowen 43.45
218 Cathy Newman 44.20
234 Charlie McCormack 44.45
246 Annette Sugden 45.05
264 Thea Zimpel 45.23
290 Kathy Sims 45.59
336 Tony Booth 46.58
378 John Alcock 47.30
387 Amanda Walker 47.40
485 Mike Worsley 49.17
497 Charmaine Knobel 49.30
562 Rae Palmer 50.21
593 Geoff Sims 50.51
619 Christopher Lang 51.20
624 Ruth Baussmann 51.27
642 Roy Jones 51.49
647 Caroline Campbell 51.58
741 Maureen Rossiter 53.33
822 Barbara Tucker 54.55
839 Margaret McSpadden 55.16
1167 Michael Roche 60.38
1374 Cory Collins 65.50
1431 Rod Gilchrist 67.15

Team Moore Teams: Athletic Clubs
1. Speedy Geese

Women 50-59
1. Vetro Runners
2. Moore or Less

and also…. John Kennedy’s wife Diana Schneider won the W60
in 49.55

along with Kathy Southgate's victory in the W50 division.

and…. Parent & Child 14-19
1. Speedy Legs (Kathy 39.10 & her daughter Anne 45.27)!

Kathy Southgate, winner of the women’s 50-59 division

Photos are available on the Canberra Times website, but other than two or three of Southy (above) finishing, not a goose to be seen.

For comparison, last year's results. An advantage of posting the results here is you can view them a year later!


  1. Kathy Southgate's performance was outstanding, what a brilliant run from a Veteran Athlete!!

    Well done the Speedy Geese - Yay!!

    Well done the Vetro Metro's Yay!!!!

    Well done everyone, it is such a fun event (although it doesn't feel so fun at the time), bring on the fun run in 2007....Ewen should be raring to go by then :o)

  2. The 2007 5k walk is tempting.

    Some great runs in the 10k. Poor old Kathy did well considering No.1 son dragged her and Anne out for a 60k bike ride on Saturday.

    I think the only W50 distance record which will survive this season will be the steeplechase.