Friday, 23 September 2005

CTFR Team Moore Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, September 23, 2005 with 4 comments

Matthew and son

Too fast for the photographer...

Team Moore people in the CTFR -
72 David Webster 37.58
118 Bob Harlow 40.15
131 Geoff Moore 40.41
135 Jenny Langton 40.53
152 John Kennedy 41.25
161 Gary Bowen 41.43
203 Maria O’Reilly 42.53 1st W50
235 Ken Eynon 43.33
249 Charlie McCormack 43.47
256 Katie Forestier 44.03
257 Ewen Thompson 44.03
290 Michelle Wells 44.50
340 Carolyne Kramar 45.30
346 Cathy Newman 45.40
373 Alan Duus 46.15
391 Cathy Montalto 46.30
398 John Alcock 46.37
400 Peter Hogan 46.38
457 Charmaine Knobel 47.35
459 Mick Charlton 47.36
475 John Stoney 47.54
662 Caroline Campbell 50.40 1st W60
754 Christopher Lang 52.39
773 Maureen Rossiter 52.55
774 Gabrielle Brown 52.55
776 Neil Boden 52.58
799 Ruth Baussman 53.23
841 Graeme Small 54.10
888 Angelo Cataldo 54.59

The Team Moore team we entered ran 2:46.10 (Geoff 40.41, Jenny 40.53, Gary 41.43, Maria 42.53) which wins the athletic clubs team division by 0:43.10. But in today’s results it seems our team was coded into the family division, and given a win there. Nice thought, but it deprives “Wilson” of a win. Not to mention depriving Maria of a certificate. I have sent the CT an email about it.

If I missed you in the results it's unintentional. Please let me know who's missing and I will update the list. I have only looked as far as the first thousand so please submit times from further back as well. Corrections too.

Meanhile read the tips on surging (below). David's a racer and prolific surger. Bob's a pacer and a non-surger. I'm a pacer and a bit of a surger too. We are all different, which makes racing quite exciting. If only I could hang on to Bob, I can out sprint him. If I could hang on to David, who knows?


  1. Just a note on George Hanzar's M70 "win". I have heard several people saying "is he really 70" and George himself has been telling people that he is in fact 70.
    His date of birth is officially recorded as 25 May 1940.
    The question of actual date of birth is another matter again.

  2. The female open team category was won by "Cool Running". Not sure who comprised the team, but possibly three Team Moore members, Carolyne, Cathy and Ruth. If so, well done! Two team category wins in the one race to our training group!

  3. I thought 47 minutes was good for a 70-year-old. In the paper they mis-quoted him as saying 42 minutes.

    Winning the 'Family' category was apt for Team Moore - we are just a very large family. Well done CR female team!

  4. Woo hoo - haven't we all done well - must be speedygeoff's training - yay - well done everyone! Go Team Moore and the Cool Running Chicky Babes!