Saturday, 30 September 2006

It was hot in 1985

Posted by Ewen on Saturday, September 30, 2006 with 4 comments
Does anybody remember how hot it was in 1985? This is another old photo of a club race in Canberra. As it was taken in February it must be from a Summer Series race. I'm not sure which one - looks like somewhere in Stromlo Forest. There don't appear to be many women. You might notice the lack of shirts. I can't spot Geoff, but I know there are some people from this photo who are still running.

no shirts
Customs on Friday
I ran my first Customs Joggers 5k handicap on Friday. Unfortunately it was the alternate 'Floriade' course. When you're not fit, even speedbumps feel like hills. On the Floriade course there are three hills. The infamous 'Hospital Hill', the museum hill and the hill running back to the finish. On this last hill I was caught by a large number of runners including Allrounder. Although it was a PW for 5k (27:13), I was happy as my calf felt totally normal during the run. This Google Earth image shows a good view of the run and the Australian Museum. I wasn't quite as wonky as the blue line suggests. That's just Forerunner Man doing his thing.

customs floriade 5k


  1. Looks like even a few KT-26 wearers in that crowd too.

    Strange not one Garmin Forerunner in sight??

  2. I hope to be there on Friday - it can be a mean course, where I also did my first 5k and have done a pw (36:?). I forget which way to go again, do you down a little but steep hill on the way out or the way back?

  3. SD, the serious runners back then wore the high tech Dunlop KT26 "Osaga".

    You go down a gradual hill just after the start, which turns into a very steep hill on the way back ;)

    Hospital Hill is towards the end of the second kilometre (it took me 5:51 to run that one).

    Congrats Aki - you have a better PW than me!

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    Does anyone still have a pair of KT26 Osaga shoes? Some photos of the shoes?

    I am the Sport Footwear Product Manager at Dunlop/Slazenger footwear. I am researching the history of KT26 & it's links to Osaga shoes in the USA.

    Any assistance you can offer would be most appreciated.

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