Saturday, 27 May 2006

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, May 27, 2006 with 4 comments
I managed a long run yesterday. Mr Flibble told me it was 18.1 km and 104 minutes. I haven't had time to try downloading and analysing the data yet.

This is a ten minute pb for the course - probably because I was listening to a new music list. I don't think I am suddenly that much fitter!

Hearts of the Innocent – Kutless
Lonely Nation – Switchfoot
Roots in Stereo – P.O.D.
Square One – Coldplay
Tunnel – Third Day
Eagles – Third Day
Lights Out – P.O.D.
Shut Me Out – Kutless
Stars – Switchfoot
What If – Coldplay
Beyond the Surface – Kutless
Cry Out to Jesus – Third Day
Happy is a Yuppy Word – Switchfoot
If You Could See Me Now – P.O.D.
White Shadows – Coldplay
Fix You – Coldplay
Goodbye For Now – P.O.D.
I Can Feel It – Third Day
Smile – Kutless
The Shadow Proves The Sunshine – Switchfoot
Easier Than Love – Switchfoot
Keep On Shinin’ – Third Day
Promise of a Lifetime – Kutless
Sounds Like War – P.O.D.
Talk – Coldplay
Communion – Third Day
On the Grind – P.O.D.

Today I ran another 5k easy in preparation for racing tomorrow. I am not all that confident, as my back still feels sore.


  1. A 10 minute course PB - you'll be flying at Doomben next weekend. Isn't it great how much the music helps. Will you be using it for the half?

    Hope the back feels better tomorrow.

  2. Geoff, I've never been one for music on the run but I did come across a serious study into the effects music has on endurance athletes. Apparently it can play a more than useful role in running effeciency, visualisation, etc, and generally just getting us runners in the groove. And yep, I did come 666th in the SMH half. I love that race but was a little disappointed with my run.

  3. I would like to use music one day but I am used to travelling very light in races and focusing just on turning over my little legs as rapidly as possible. Maybe I will try it in another run, like the Terry Fox?

  4. Have a good run tomorrow Geoff. Don't let Mr Flibble beat you!

    I expect a faster average pace than those sprinters doing the short handicap.