Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Old Photographs #3

Posted by Ewen on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 with 9 comments
This is an interesting one. It's from the winter season of 1984. I'm not sure of the race - perhaps the ACT 25k road championships. Yes, for some strange reason, half a marathon wasn't long enough back then.

There are a couple of interstate runners competing. The blue singlet on the left is from the Victorian Glenhuntly club. Who is the runner? How many of this crowd are still running in 2006? Looks like a typical Canberra day - no gloves or beanies and plenty of sun. The race must have been in April or March! Also on the front line are a couple of classy 1500 metre runners.


  1. And how many are wearing kt26s. Some pretty snazzy uniforms there too. Was this only open to club runners, or did everyone run in club uniform back then.

  2. i dig the stripey singlets.

  3. i can name almost everyone in the front line and almpst everyone in the second (I'm there!) but I will leave it "up to the reader" for a while longer. Who is the souths runner behind paul? (A young alan wilson?)\

    Just ran 19k around Sandgate/Bracken Ridge. Gee crossing the freeway is hard!

    22 degrees today. AAAAhhhh. Luverly.

  4. Yes - Alan Wilson in a very faded Sth Canberra singlet!

    About 10 degrees and very wet here. I don't think Colin will have too many at Dickson.

  5. re Uniforms - There are three of us near the front in North Canberra singlets (red with black trim), some familiar looking (!) Weston Creekers (red and black stripes), is that Woden with maroon and blue stripes?, ANU with two-blue horizontal stripes, while Derek and Steve are wearing the old Harriers singlet. Peter has probably just arrived in Canberra as that looks like an Enfield Harriers singlet, he may not have joined Norths then. Yes everyone wore club uniform!

  6. wannabecoach01 June, 2006

    An educated guess would be Dave Chettle in the Glenhuntley singlet.

  7. Eamonn hasn't changed at all. What's his secret?

  8. wannebecoach01 June, 2006


  9. Correct about Dave Chettle wannabe! Your reputation as one of Australia's greatest athletics aficionados is well deserved.