Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Old Photographs #2

Posted by Ewen on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 with 3 comments
Speedygeoff is migrating north for some mid-winter sun so I thought I'd post these two old photographs. They're from the 1980's.

Does any reader recognise the athlete on the left? Or any of the other athletes? One of them is from South Australia! The occassion was a track meeting at Sydney Athletic Field. The athlete on the left was better known as a marathon runner but on this occassion she won the 1500 metres in a time of around 4:10.

She commenced her career as a track runner and moved from 1500 up to 3000 metres because she couldn't 'sprint' and win international 1500s. At this time there was no 5000 metre race for women at the Olympics so she tried marathon running and did very well. I think this shows that being fast at shorter distances is helpful even for marathon runners.


  1. I'm sure that is Greta Waitz on the left. As a guess and I would say Lisa Martin in the right.

  2. Robert, you win the award, which Geoff will give you in person this weekend. ;)

    Half right though. I don't think Lisa ran in that race. I'm pretty sure it's Donna Gould in the green and yellow on the right.

  3. Thanks Ewen. Can't wait to see Geoff.

    I actually ran in a race with Greta in 1982. It was the New York Marathon and she won the Women's race. I came somewhere around 14,000th I think.