Monday, 8 May 2006

More physio needed

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, May 08, 2006 with 4 comments
Saturday's Cooleman Ridge Result
3. Maria O'Reilly W50 37:34
6. Barbara Williams W60 46:44
26. Peter McDonald M50 40:43
Not many starters!

Yesterday's Jogalong result - don't know, I was at a birthday party at the time!

Hea Comes Thea
Thea has in the last few days run some huge pbs. Firstly the Customs 5k in 21:16, which must be close to a one minute pb, then a 10k road run in 44:05, which is a 3 minute pb. Watch out, she's coming to getcha! Congratulations on being the biggest recent improver.

Dinner reminder
I mentioned the dinner at Please let me know by this Thursday if you are coming or not.

My progress
last week’s target 110km achieved only 81 km, but two good sessions in the gym
this week’s target ease off for the half marathon. But my lower back seized up yesterday and it doesn’t look too good for this week! My back has been good (until now) for the last three years, but I have had lots of trouble in the past.

Year of the Crow
Round 1 Pies 77 Crows 111
Round 2 Crows 88 Eagles 90
Round 3 Demons 97 Crows 102
Round 4 Freo 59 Crows 70
Round 5 Crows 132 Bulldogs 55
Round 6 Crows 103 Port 53

After six rounds the top three are Pies, Crows, and Eagles, all with one loss. Eagles play Pies next week while we have an easy one against the Kangaroos.

I keep the results updated here via "mo(o)re links" so I won’t bother you with them again (until the finals!)


  1. What about me (it isn't fair) in the Coolman 5k?

    17. ME! M45 24:38

  2. I didn't see it. What 5k? I suppose the results were on the website but I didn't think to look.

    Any way Helen and Katie (and maybe others) ran the jogalong and I did not see those results either.

    Is that Shannon posing as our Ewen?

    Are the Nail Can Hill (if that's its name) results out? Will you tell us about it?

  3. Yes, I'm jumping into my big black car and headin' out west.

    Nothing on the Nail Can website yet although they had all results printed out straight after the run.

  4. That's what you get for not running the longer even Ewen! Geoff - I'm sure my improving has a lot ot do with actually making it some Thursdays!