Thursday, 4 May 2006

Miners are Fighters

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, May 04, 2006 with 9 comments
When I made Foo Fighters' "Friend of a Friend" my "song of the week" on Monday, little did I know the group would hit the headlines today as the music of choice for one of the trapped Tasmanian miners.

Not surprising really. These are songs of life and death, hope and fear, victory and pain.

I got a big shock when I replayed "In Your Honour" today. The lyrics of every song off that double album seem to have been written just for the trapped men.

Lines such as these from "Miracle" would speak rather strongly to them....

Crazy but I'm relieved this time
Begging for sweet relief of blessing empty sky

Dying behind these tired eyes
I've been losing sleep
Please come to me

Hands on a miracle
I got my hands on a miracle
Believe it or not, hands on a miracle
And there ain't no way
Let you take it away

Everything that we survived
It's gonna be alright
Just lucky we're alive
Got no vision I've been blind
Searching every way you're right here in my sights


or from "Another Round"

Can you go another round?
I will follow you down and out
Lets go another round
I will follow you down and

We could just lay around
Stare at the ceiling

or from "Over and Out"

Cages and alarms
Keeping us from harm
I will be the guard
Hope to rest upon
Everything is done
Nothing left at all

Are you there?
Do you read me?
Are you there?
I don't feel you anymore

And other tracks are similar!

Dockers are Fighters

Justice is done! Dockers given the points. This is the outcome I foreshadowed last Sunday. Common sense has prevailed. Well done the AFL.

Runners are Fighters

There is no finish line. Even after 58 years including 44 years of running the fight is still in me. I will need every bit of fight to win the challenge against the Speedy Geese relay team in the half marathon on 14 May.

While I am on a roll today, here is my half marathon pace plan
(a) run every km in exactly 4:15.

And here is my race plan
(b) watch Katie for the first 7km not letting her get too far ahead. I may catch her but she will kick past me as she approaches the first change at Scrivener Dam.

(c) pass Charlie up the first hill after Scrivener then hold her off for the next 7km by surging down every hill.

(d) in the last 7km, when Maria catches me on the flat, sit in behind her then out-sprint her to the line. (Have I ever out-sprinted Maria? This may be a first.)

That will give me a time of 89:40 and the relay team a time of 89.45. My best chance is to have a good lead over Maria when she takes over!

Still, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. I wonder if the saying applies to geese?


  1. Dear Birthday Boy,

    I hope and pray that the miners get out safely and soon, and that the Speedy Geese can live up to your pacing predictions.

    I also hope that you are having a special day, Happy Birthday.

    Your mate the Speedy Goose

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    Great post Geoff.

  3. Good training session tonight birthday boy and very good of you to be there on your birthday. Hope your dinner tonight is fantastic. Enjoy the rest of your birthday and have a wonderful night.

  4. Good luck and hope your race goes according to plan Geoff!

    Cheers R2B

  5. Happy birthday Geoff!

  6. Happy Birthday Geoff.

    Pity I cannot rig this post to make it appear as though it was posted on the day.

    Belated wishes then.

  7. You don't look a day over 57!

    I like the pic of Aki running down the stairs!

  8. Yep - absolutely love it Geoff! Nice change! Run Goosy Run! :)

  9. Aki's secret meaning for "LOL" is disclosed! Run LOL. A run!
    Very cryptic Aki.
    Will you replace the warrior photo now?