Monday, 15 May 2006

Aki to Zel

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, May 15, 2006 with 1 comment
I forgot that the Half Marathon results would appear on an obscure web site, not the Cross Country Club one.

Team Moore results
93. David Webster M50 1:33:00
104. Geoff Moore M55 1:34:21
116. John Kennedy M55 1:35:54
126. Gary Bowen M45 1:36:31
146. Jeni Greenland 1:37:59
171. Zel Bodulovic M50 1:39:20
200. Thea Zimpel 1:41:41
214. David Baussmann M55 1:43:12
216. John Alcock M60 1:43:37
226. Cathy Newman W45 1:44:46
251. John Stoney M40 1:48:31
293. Caroline Campbell W60 1:52:12
351. Carolyne Kramar W40 1:59:17
359. Barbara Williams W60 2:00:34
360. Ruth Baussmann W55 2:00:38
364. Margaret McSpadden W55 2:02:00
Barbara Tucker W55 dnf – taken out by a bicycle

Relay Teams
4. Speedy Geese FF 1:36:12 - Maria O'Reilly, Charlie McCormack.

Caroline won the W60 section; Speedy Geese was the first female relay team; Thea took about nine minutes off her pb; Zel about five minutes off his.

One of my new rules of thumb should be - avoid gym work for six weeks before any important race. (CJ would do well to note this too!). Otherwise if it's not an important race just train through and take what comes, but don't expect a pb.

Did I miss anyone? (Can happen).

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  1. Results can be seen on The Cross Country Club Website, follow the link from Quick Results, to Pointscore Seniors.

    May change from tomorrow, as the results are still being compiled, and formatted into the various categories.

    464 in the Half Marathon, 169 in the 5km, and 30 in the 1km made it record fields.

    And of course the Relay teams were an innovation this year.