Wednesday, 24 May 2006

10 cubic meters

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 with 6 comments

A 10 cubic metre skip was sufficient for the debris from the demolition job done on our old kitchen plus some of the accumulated junk from 36 years of living in the same house, mostly from the garage. But wait there's more! There are still two room fulls of stuff we will want to throw out. We will have to order another skip down the track! Maybe not quite as big?

How you voted
speedygeoff's filter of the AGM of the ACT Veterans Athletic Club held last night at Wests leaves us with the following information

Great venue. Much better than the crappy places we have met in past years.

Great food too.

Great club. There is none better than the ACTVAC. The 45 or so people at the AGM - the low numbers in itself a sign that members are happy and don't want change - overwhelmingly approved the actions and directions of the club.

Our President's message focused on the challenge that we cannot just "carry on" with ongoing administrative business, but we also must contribute to keeping people active in our society at large. We are an organ through which people can deliver programs to help an aging society. We must protect that role and look to other activities and other collaborations to progress that.

Two new faces in a small turnover of committee members (not the 100% of last year!) saw Craig Wisdom elected to the committee, and Rosemary Parker, a former club secretary, rejoining the committee. The Secretary's position remained vacant and will be covered by the committee until a permanent secretary can be found.

Treasurer acclaimed as the finances were accepted with joy and a stamp of approval on the new budget. A very large surplus because of some one-off income means the club can repay members via holding membership fees as is, and reducing weekly track entry charges from $5 per person to $3 per person for 2006-07.

The new committee
Patron Jack Pennington
President Geoff Sims
Vice President Christopher Lang
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Will Foster
George Kubitzky
Peter McDonald
Roger Pilkington
Rosemary Parker
Craig Wisdom


  1. And is the skip old and decrepit, to match the decor of that which it holds?

    Do the recycling crew sort bin contents at the recycling centre?

  2. Thanks Geoff for the update from the AGM. It's nice to hear that things are going well.

  3. Ditto southy's comments, Geoff. I would love to be more active in the club myself but I am struggling to fit all my commitments in as it is. Your update was very useful.

  4. Thanks Geoff for your comments about Sunday's half marathon! I hope I get to see you when I next return to Canberra!

  5. Thanks Geoff. $3 is good value. Nearly half the price of Interclub... poor Aki.

  6. Oh be quiet wombatface, I'll just have to run laps around the outside of the fence at the track and deal with it!