Friday, 17 February 2006

Will we survive?

Posted by Ewen on Friday, February 17, 2006 with 7 comments
How exciting is this! There will be at least another 4 seasons of Survivor. Warning - don't go to the website as it has already started. Us poor Aussies have been left in a time warp.

Perhaps we can split Team Moore into 4 tribes and 'exile' the slowest runners to a spot under the flagpole at Parliament House?

Will we all survive Geoff's 20 second sprint sessions? Who will be the ultimate Survivor and win the million dollars at the National Championships?!


  1. ewen - you have to be in it to survive it.

  2. Ewen, that post was nice, I liked it a lot, I understood it and I can't wait for it to start :0)

    It was very hot surviving the 20 seconds speed sprint sessions this morning. Even harder was the cool down run up, up, up so many hills, ppppphhhhheeeeeeewwwwww.

  3. I won't be in it because it's at Easter and I'll be visiting Mum at Wagga. Besides, I'm so good at running slow right now and there's no 7 hour track race.

    Katie, Geoff was always keen on long warm-ups and/or warm-downs. Sounds like you're so good at running hills you could put in a late entry for the 6ft track.

  4. ET, I'm guessing that the track is 6ft wide and 5km long or I'm going to see my mum that weekend in Wagga :0)

  5. * Today we did 4k+ warmup up Aranda Hill, 20 minutes of 20 full on 20 second sprints with 40 secs to get back to the start of the next, the pace was hot hot hot, the 4k+ cooldown STRAIGHT up Aranda hill, the weather was hot hot hot, and despite the fact that we are (nearly) all racing Sunday morning, no-one complained. (Or I am going deaf?)

    ** I bet one of us wins something tomorrow

    *** Unless there is a conspiracy to let Gary have a win

  6. * Good prophecy if I say so myself.

    ** I had a win!

    ** Even if only a bronze.

  7. Smokin' Speedy Geoff - that was an awsome 2nd 6.5km and a Bronze Medal for your effort - Good Job, showing us how it's done huh!!!