Friday, 17 February 2006

Water Sports

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, February 17, 2006 with 15 comments
I will get some aquathlon results for our training goup soon. It is an event that appeals to me; as a non cyclist to do a multi event which is a swim and a run seems a good idea.

Of course, I have never swum in open water....

When swimming in open water, remember to pick up your head every few strokes and sight on where you're going. There's nothing worse than going a bit off course.

Good Sports

Some of the track results from last night ---

1500m Steeplechase (High height)
Gary Bowen 6:07.3

Colin Farlow 4:57.87
Amalendu Edelsten 4:58.61
Kevin Chamberlain 5:49.36
Neil Boden 6:16.31
Geoff Barker 7:22.70
Maria O'Reilly 6:01.29

Karen Davis 13.50
Vicki Matthews 14.59


  1. I heard from the flying tomato and flash duck that aquathlons are fun.

    I wouldn't call LBG 'open water' - it's just a big smelly dam. In east basin you can stand up every now and then to spot the bouys - much quicker!

  2. I'm guessing that Aki would be the flying tomato - has she taken up snow boarding?

    Speaking of the Winter Olympics - How good was Dale Beck-Smith - rushing his citizenship through just in time to get a Gold Medal for Australia - I have a very good Canadian friend that is going to give me such a ribbing over that!!!!

  3. The Flying Tomato17 February, 2006

    Holy cow, what a great sn, lol!

  4. Can the FT pip the FD in the SS? SG.

  5. Translates 2 - Can the 'Flying Tomato' pip the 'Flash Duck' in the 'Speed Session'. 'Silly Goose'.......

    Now I'm LOL :0)

    What is a 'SN'?

  6. And those relay teams are all wrong because I ran with Ken, Don and Vicki - someone else has been a silly goose but those girls ran well don't you think!!

  7. I'm thinking 'sn' is 'silly name' but the flying tomato will have to confirm that.

    By the way, the 1500 steeple was at the 'girlie' height, hence the fast times.

  8. SS is Summer Series. I'll pay the rest.
    I have removed the relay "results", they don't mean much anyway.
    sn is probably shoedough-nimm knowing the way (you) people spell.

  9. Spelling was not my forte at school I am afraid - I was too busy talking!!

  10. I'd believe that Katie. :)
    Sn = screen name

  11. My apologies to Gary - he did do the high steeple. It was my rival Jim White who won the low steeple.

    A pretty good time too for Gary who was struggling a bit at the water jump.

  12. * We are going for a record here - this is comment no. 12

    ** Ewen, Gary wouldn't have been struggling with the water jump - he pauses to wash his shoes.

    *** Sneaky Name, mmmmmmm I like that better - thank gawd the flying tomato came back to fill us in we could have been guessing for weeks!!

  13. * Wooohooo! A record!

    ** You're right, Gary's shoes are almost as clean as his car.

    *** Tsk tsk tsk. Katie, didn't Geoff warn you about using 3 dot points?

  14. * Oh I thought it was mandatory (geez ~ I hope I spelt that right) to use 3 dot points?

    ** I bet Gary's house is spotless as well!!

    *** And a 3rd placing ET, did you see the coach got a bronze medal in the blistering heat - did you also notice my km rate was faster than his (just don't tell him that I did the short course and didn't have any hills):0)

  15. * ‘onya Kt. Well done

    ** I also think my 4:11.8 average splits for a much harder and longer course are d*** close to your average splits of 4:11.3 – or are we running the same pace because we train together?

    *** Third thought – I heard Strewth say the 6.5 was long so I am certain I would have averaged exactly 4:11.2.