Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Summer Series #2 Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, February 08, 2006 with 5 comments

Some Team Moore runners ran at Eddison Park in the Summer Series on Tuesday. Here are their results. I didn't fancy tripping over tree-roots so I didn't go. I made hay while the sun didn't shine on the coolest morning we have had for a long time and ran for 95 minutes with the "Tuesday Group" instead.

Women 5.3k
14. Annette Sugden W40 23:18
16. Cathy Newman W40 23:33
27. Charmaine Knobel W50 26:02
29. Carolyne Kramar W40 26:12
38. Caroline Campbell W60 27:41
41. Margaret McSpadden W55 28:19
44. Ruth Baussmann W55 29:00
45. Prue Bradford W45 29:18

Men 5.3k
19. Richard Faulks M45 20:21
20. Roger Pilkington M45 21:07
36. David Webster M50 22:15
65. Geoff Barker M60 24:59

Then today phone calls meant I missed out on going to the BBQ Stakes (anyone would think I was still at work! I hinted that they had just caught me as I was leaving, but....) so I went for another long run, from home in South Holt, along the old Charnwood road, through Dunlop and to the far side of Fraser, and back. I haven't been along there since the marathon training days of fifteen years ago, before Dunlop was built and the dirt road extended much further, and it looks like I have re-discovered a good run.

So tomorrow maybe a 3000m race or a go at a good 10k time in the hour run, if the forecast is wrong again and it stays cool like it did today.


  1. It was cool but windy so I'm guessing a 5000m for you Geoff.

    I didn't make it - have had sore feet for a few days.

    Those PH sessions must have paid off for Annette - a good time for that course.

  2. My achilles flared up a bit after Wednesday's long run so I ran an easy 3k in the warmth/wind in 11:45. I think I am ready for a good customs run tomorrow though, because while the hour run was on I did 6km of 100m runthroughs (that's right - 60 intervals!) on grass and felt fine. Maybe I can break 20mins tomorrow - that would be something!

  3. comment post-script. 19:51 for the Customs 5k, a 32 second pb for the course. Equivalent to 19:30-ish for a track 5k?

  4. That's a great Customs run! I can see you running a 19-low 5000 before too long. I must fit in 60x100 in my post 6 foot schedule!

  5. I will instruct the sweeper to make you do 60 x 100, just to stay ahead of him, if he catches you! (Mr FD may be a/the sweeper?)