Saturday, 18 February 2006

See how they run

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, February 18, 2006 with 8 comments

“I’d like to point out that no-one else in my gene pool runs like a girl” – Dr Evil, Goldmember

Proving the old saying wrong wrong wrong

Katie at training at Parliament House: Just you try and run like THIS girl.


  1. Oh I guess I just deserved that!!!!!

  2. I'd like to run like that girl.. thought the cartoons and pics are great!

  3. There was just the slightest patronising tone in the voice of the male Australian Winter Olympic commentator when describing (for the umpteenth time) what the strategy should be for the event we were watching on tv last night: "hang in the back, watch the girls crash, and go around the outside". Think I would have advised "get into the thick of the fight; push over any 'girls' you see there, and sprint away".
    Go go W40s!

  4. * If you are brave enough to push a girl over you'd wanna be able to sprint really, really, really, really, really, really fast!!!

    ** Did anyone else but me notice that the night that Torah Bright didn't win her medal in the Half Pipe Snow Boarding event, that while it was being televised a news update informed us that she missed out on the medals before the event had even finished - Gooses!!!!!!

    *** That Snow Cross event was brilliant - the women were wiping out and crashing into fences all over the place - how good was it when the American did the board grabbing thingy at the end and fell over and missed out on the Gold Medal :0)

  5. "Snow Cross" - that was it. I too just loved the way that American woman "finished".

  6. wannabecoach20 February, 2006

    Steven Bradbury has a lot to answer for with race tactics. I used his tactics in all of my athletic events, running at the tail of the field waiting for all of my rivals to blow a hamstring. Has not worked yet.
    I too was a short track speedskater. I was leaving the sport as Bradbury was entering. We only raced once. I beat him. He fell over.

  7. I noticed that Alan from our training group tried the same tactic yesterday in the handicap run. I haven't asked him but he might have been waiting for the other runners ahead, if they didn't fall down at the 2km mark after that unrelenting uphill section, all taking a wrong turn and milling around in the middle of the suburb. It didn't work but maybe next time?

  8. I think there will be a new expression in the English language following that snowboard cross episode.

    As well as 'doing a Bradbury', we will have 'doing a Jacobellis'. This will be used to describe such things as raising your arms in 'victory' at the end of a race and getting pipped on the inside.

    Interestingly, her website has also stacked.