Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Margaret and Gwen

Posted by speedygeoff On Tuesday, February 28, 2006 | 11 comments

Yes there were the ACT Championships, yes there was the Canberra Show, but the real highlight of last weekend was the baton relay coming through Canberra. The photo of Margaret in relay garb with her (mirror) twin Gwen shows the delight on their faces. Gwen, who lives in a Brisbane suburb not far from my son Nathan and family, often trained with us in the "old days" but had left Canberra about the time Margaret started with the group. Both are excellent runners, although Gwen did turn to race walking and set a few records there.

One of the very rare occasions I have seen the twins together and dressed differently from each other!

And this is Margaret in her 500 metres of fame.


  1. And the outfit looks great.

    She wore it the next day when another Vet runner was carrying the baton along Canberra avenue.

  2. Its such a great photo.

    And is there any reason that you keep alluding to 45+years in your comments?!

  3. Yes it is surely a great photo.

    And the number 45 may keep popping up for a few more days - we'll see. It might depend on what appears in CJ's posts if anything.

  4. And I think you should add that the photos are courtesy of strewth's blog - hmmmmm!! Missed you at the cross country tonight.

  5. Then consider the addition added - thanks Strewth! and I ran 24k this morning while it was cooler and because I had other things on later in the day, again. I plan to be at BBQ Stakes tomorrow. And then at track of course on Thursday. I suppose there's more lake swimming happening for those so inclined? It was a bit whiffy around the lake this morning.

  6. Go Magaret!!! :) :) :) Sorry I missed your run. :( The photo looks great however!

    Thanks Geoff for the word about the lake, it's always a bit whiffy in their and my hair smells funny for three days after it. Now it might last for five. :p

  7. That is a great photo of you Margaret - you look absolutely vibrant.

  8. Good photos strewth... did you use your 45mm camera?

  9. my record is 15 comments..... are we trying for a new record here?

  10. Aaah, but you made 3 of them speedygeoff!! How many km do you have scheduled for this week? Sounds like you're on target!
    And no Ewen, it's just a little 5mega pixel Casio digital and the photo of Marg with her lovely smile carrying the baton was "borrowed" from the Melbourne2006 website!

  11. A good way to accumulate comments is to ask questions I suppose. In Monday's post you will see I promised to attempt 110kms this week. By now, day 3, I was scheduled to have done 54 of them and I have done 58 so all good so far. Today's BBQ Stakes run was another pb, too, by one second, again.
    I do appreciate you keen photographers making your snaps available to this blogger, who has no idea about how cameras work.



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