Sunday, 5 February 2006

Jogalong Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, February 05, 2006 with 5 comments
And now it's back to the jogalong - a very large turn-out today, the full course including wood chips across a section which can be water-logged, and a relatively cool morning.

Not many Team Moore members run it these days but the few who do usually turn up each month.

Just back from holidays, Katie ran about 27:05, which would be her second best time on the full course; Helen 27:25 which is around about a pb, being equal to times she has run twice before; Charmaine a good 30:00 in her first run back after injury; Sarah 30:24 also equal pb, after a hard training session Saturday as well, and Caroline 33:31 having been put back too far as a result of winning silver last time.

It is good to catch up with other runners at the jogalong that we normally don't see elsewhere.

The page cannot be displayed
What is going on? For the last few days blogger has been telling me lies that my page is unavailable. Are other people getting this? I can still add posts and preview them and see that the new posts are there, but I cannot use the URL directly almost all of the time. Is Blogger doing overnight maintenance all the time? Unfortunately, their overnight is our daytime.


  1. I'm having the same problem with various blogs - must be a maintenance thing happening at blogger HQ.

  2. And oh boy, I'm having major problems - see my Sat after my Sunday! Every time I blog something new the last one disappears and I have to start again. It's driving me crazy!!

  3. Monday morning and - it seems to have righted itself again. Maybe we should give the computer a rest on weekends!

  4. They had a heap of outages over the last few days; hardware problems. Another outage is scheduled for an hour from "7pm PST". What's PST? GMT - 8:00? Since we are GMT + 10:00, I calculate a 7pm to 8pm PST outage is EST 1pm to 2pm (the next day). But we are in daylight saving time, so that would be 2pm to 3pm. Today. OK, will check that out; it's just 15 minutes away.

  5. ..and what I said in the previous comment is verified, because when I previewed the previous comment, the time appeared as PST on the preview. (and converted to Australian Eastern Summer Time when published.)