Saturday, 25 February 2006

Championship Results for Team Moore

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, February 25, 2006 with 2 comments
Very very few turned out for the championships! I cannot think why. It is a chance to rub shoulders with the best locals from young to old.

Our training group results (Saturday):
M50 1 Ken White 14.36 (gold medal)
W45 2 Vicki Mathews 14.39 (silver)
W55 2 Jill Brown 16.94 (silver)

M45 3 Amalendu Edelsten 59.94 (bronze)
M50 1 Ken White 66.69 (gold)
W40 2 Katie Forestier 76.21 (silver)
W45 1 Vicki Mathews 71.38 (gold)
W55 1 Jill Brown 82.44 (gold)

M40 2 Colin Farlow 4:29.74 (gold as first ACT )
M55 1 Kevin Chamberlain 5:11.38 (gold)
M55 2 Geoff Moore 5:44.47 (silver)
M65 1 Tony Booth 5:52.11 (gold)
W40 2 Katie Forestier 5:40.47 (silver)

Colin Kevin Tony and Katie all ran season's bests in the 1500; Katie's was an all time pb. This despite it being a hot (30+) afternoon with a wind that knocked the field around.

More details to come tomorrow.

A new way to get injured

True story. Who is the ACT Veteran athlete who got injured recently when he was being photographed sitting on a stool with all his medals around his neck, and the weight of all the medals made him fall off the stool?


  1. Marathon Maniac26 February, 2006

    Geoff, I know why there was hardly any vets at the championships, they were out watching the Commonwealth Games Baton go through Canberra. There wasn't many others interested in it but quite a few vets.