Saturday, 21 January 2006

Thursday Track Results

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With many of the athletes in our training group learning how to train for the 1500 and 800, it is little wonder that times just keep on improving. Here are some of the results from Thursday night which demonstrate just how well we are going.

2000m Steeplechase
Alan Duus 09:59.2
John Alcock 10:08.0

Colin Farlow 4:36.68
Rod Lynch 5:01.74
Roger Pilkington 5:13.69
Gary Bowen 5:17.02
Ewen Thompson 5:47.89
Geoff Moore 5:23.65
Kevin Chamberlain 5:30.72
Alan Duus 6:32.38
John Alcock 6:36.33
Tony Booth 6:01.37
Katie Forestier 5:41.54
Charlie McCormack 5:57.24
Helen Larmour 5:53.11
Kathy Sims 5:50.98
Margaret McSpadden 7:07.86

4x400m Relay
Ken Gordon
(Mick Horan)
Karen Davis
Charlie McCormack 4:15.65

Geoff Sims
(Phil White)
(Don Smith)
Vicki Matthews 4:24.50

(John Morton)
(Dave McClelland)
(Peter Cullen)
Helen Larmour 4:29.79

(Leo Kennedy)
(Dale Moore)
Rod Lynch
Katie Forestier 4:30.40

Jill Brown
Maureen Rossiter
(Margaret Taylor)
(Carol Baird) 5:17.02 ACT W55 record

Neville Madden 30.12
Karen Davis 29.08
Charlie McCormack 32.73
Vicki Matthews 31.03
Maureen Rossiter 31.89
Jill Brown 34.26

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