Thursday, 23 June 2005


Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, June 23, 2005 with 3 comments
I am planning to pace four hour runners at the 2006 Canberra Marathon, all going well. An on-going achilles problem means I cannot race flat-out, but recently I had a go at pacing the 2 hour runners in the Canberra Half Marathon, then the 50 minute runners in the Terry Fox 10k, both without any difficulty - and dragged a few runners through to pb's! So that's my aim, sub 4 in 2006.

I may get "official" status, or at least some publicity happening, leading up to the race.

I have been in touch with Fran (Canberra marathon co-organiser) who seems happy with the proposal for an official four hour group, so we will pursue the idea with Dave Cundy (after Gold Coast!) Regardless, I will be there. 3:59.0 is exactly 5.40 per km, so it is not hard to manage the maths. Just a matter of getting a little bit ahead of that at half way so there's a small reserve. Voila! sub four.

Incidentally, Katie, a 21.20 5k translates to a 44 minute 10k (see Time Predictor, April 14). So maybe you can aim for 44 minutes in that next 10k. And maybe I will pace it (but I will need to prepare well!)


  1. It was 21:35 Geoff, which equates to 44:30 (I checked), 45:00 or better and you are on (but I will need to prepare well!!!!!!) Lets go for it!

  2. The Canberra Times Katie? I'm looking for a 42:59 bus. Who's driving?

    Geoff, you will have to practice running slowly - a 3:59 marathon takes a long time. Almost 4 hours!

  3. Hey Ewen, it is 'The Canberra Times' to which we refer. Geoff might drive your 42:59 bus?? I'll cheer you on from behind if you can hear me 500 metres or so down the road .........