Friday, 24 June 2005

Coming Races

Posted by speedygeoff On Friday, June 24, 2005 | 1 comment
It was cold and trying to snow last night at Dickson when we were supposed to be doing km intervals - only four turned up; *griffin* and I went for a long run before training was due to start, otherwise no action. The track was saturated, the ovals were closed, the lights were off, and the rain was falling.

Good thing I joined the CU gym! That's where I will train today.

Coming Races -
Saturday 25 June Menindee Drive 10k Parkes ACT 1pm.
Sunday 26 June Veterans Handicap 9.3k Mt Ainslie 9am (brrrrrr).
Saturday 2 July Cooleman Ridge 8k 1pm.
Sunday 3 July Women’s Jogalong 6k Weston Park 9am.

I will probably attend all these and run the first three. After that I am in Sydney (Rooty Hill/Homebush) for a week and then for the next two weeks my mum ("great-gran") is visiting here in Canberra and we will probably do a bit of travelling on and off to see great grandchildren etc.. But I do hope to be able to run in the ACT 12k Cross Country Championships on 23 July.

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  1. Sorry we left you in the lurch Geoff . . . I kept checking your website to (hopefully) see that it was cancelled. The weather was just so foul!

    Thanks for keeping us informed of things over the next few weeks.



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