Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Speedygeese training summary

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Last Thursday 24th I went out to a cold Parliament House and we ran Rose Garden 200s on 2:30. I recall - and my memory is suspect this long afterwards - that running on 2:30 were Giles, Isaac, Jen and Warrick.

Sunday 27th I was joined at Stromlo Forest Park by Warrick and Thomas, and we ran 10k together.

Also on Sunday 27th Giles reports: "In David Clarke's absence - I have taken on the role of writing the speedygeese long run report today.
True to form, numerous Canberra-based geese headed off this morning, including celebrity guests Shane Wright, his dog Scully, Jane Gordon and Belinda Seaman. Other attendees were Peter Brown, Pieta Smith, Lisa Charles, Adrian Cengia, Susan Sturgeon, Jen Bright and Thach Huynh.
This group, which included 4 people who work at Finance, successfully made it to Mt Majura summit with minimal directional issues but from there it got problematic.
"Anyway, half of us got ahead and then got behind - I can only presume that a wormhole in space-time opened up somewhere near the top of the mineshaft below Mt Majura at around 9am this morning. Numerous phone calls between Thach Huynh and Jen Bright failed to reunite the group, but somehow some of us made it back to coffee afterwards.
"Thach got 30k, the furthest of the lot of us; most of the rest of us got into the 20s.
"A good day - what was most encouraging is that even without Dave, we were most capable of getting lost."

Then on Monday 28th in excellent conditions at Parliament House despite freezing our socks off when it had dropped to 2 degrees with snow Sunday afternoon, we ventured down to the ramp at Reconciliation Place and ran 15 x ~160m on 2 minutes. Participating were Jen, Isaac, Bronwyn, Vamessa, Sarah, Paul, Warrick, Pieta, Christopher and me.

Another picture from Sunday. They are having too much fun.


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