Wednesday, 7 May 2014

training well through autumn

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Many of us are training well through autumn and preparing ourselves mentally to train on through winter. I will be away for a month and while I am away all our training sessions will continue. I have even prepared a series of advance posts for this blog to keep the readers happy. While away I will try and keep fit although most of the exercise planned will be walking rather than running.

Latest training efforts:
On Thursday 1 May 5:30pm at Dickson Colin, me, Kathy, Maria, Marilyn, Rohan, Tori were present. A 30 minute training sessions as is the norm: on this occasion (one minute fast + one minute slow) x 15.

On Sunday 4 May at Stromlo Forest Park I was with David and Andrew who both ran 4 x 1km.

Monday 5 May at Parliament House saw Susan, Miranda, Ewen and I ran 8k first. Then doing 20 x 100m hill sprints on 90 seconds were Andy, Christopher, Colin, Dan, Ewen, me, Jen, Leonie, Rae, Rohan, Warrick. We had a meal later on at the Yacht Club: Jenny and I joining Abi, Andrew, Andy, Christopher, Ewen, Garry, Jen, Rae.

Today is another family birthday

A nine year old cute grand-daughter taking cupcakes for her class.


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