Sunday, 10 June 2018

"What does everyone do for recovery after a big run?"

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Vanessa Palmer Sleeeeeeep

William Barlow Was talking to Thach Huynh about this during our run today. I'm a big believer of slow moving for the day. When I got home I walked/jogged the kids around the block while they rode or roller bladed then finished up with some mulching and chicken herding.

Jen Bright Amble up Mt taylor. Plus I stretched straight after the run. Always tend to go for a slow walk after run. My legs feel much better than sitting around. More walking I do during the week better recovery from runs. Slow meandering walks.

Thach Huynh We normally going for a family swim

Narelle Desmet Straight after a long run my fav to drink one of these. Btw must be Chocolate Oak 😋🤤😁

Mhairi Craig try not to get cold, drink, then eat raspberries,cereal and yogurt.
Mhairi Craig and then I usually walk and do a pump class :-). Then I fall asleep!!!

Geoff Moore On a hot day animals lie down in the shade to recover after a hard chase. So do I.

Paul Trumble I'm at the pub...



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