Friday, 1 June 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 27 May long run report [Dave]: Well the results just keep getting better for Speedygeese - new PBs, more fun and better technology (thanks to William’s drone - see his YouTube video of Sunday’s run 😃)
Firstly, Saturday’s clear out performer was Jen Bright, running under 20 minutes at the YMCA Runners Club 5k. Even more impressive given her recent illness. I was 20 minute pacer at Tuggeranong parkrun and, even though followers were sparse, a few people did get PBs as a result. 😊
Sunday’s YMCA half marathon’s star was Giles Lamb, with a huge PB of 1:31:11. Mike also got a PB in 1:48:54. It looks like Ruth (2:09:44) and Jennie (2:11:44) might have got PBs as well. Roger did 2:03:00, Jeff 1:29:00, Rickie 2:04:44 and Thommo 2:55:00 (near enough). Meanwhile James got a PB at the 10k Merimbula fun run.
A bunch of us stopped by and cheered a few on during our Sunday “long” run and managed to catch a glimpse of Sandeep smiling on a run (a very rare event) 🤣. Sorry Sandeep I didn’t get your time. Meanwhile Jacob was just trotting around watching and did 22 k in about 1:30:00 😱 😱
Finally, in today’s Sri Chinmoy Cotter Canter trail run, there were cups all round. In the 5k Bron was 5th female in 26:20 and Dom got 27:24. In the 10k Graeme was 4th male 50-59, Sue 1st female 60-69, and Ewen 4th male 60-69. I was 1st male 60-69 in 45:59 and Narelle was today’s star getting 5th female overall in 46:17, a great performance given her UTA run last weekend followed by the flu. 😱
Great work everyone. Sorry if I missed anyone.
See you next week. 🤓

Monday 28 May at Parliament House: Running 10-12 170m runs on 2½ minutes were Deborah, Pieta, Lisa, Allie, Colin, Giles, Ruth, Isaac, Jen, Dom, Bron, and me.

Thursday 31 May at Parliament House: The last day of Autumn officially but it is weeks since it felt like Autumn. Running 3 x 1200 (800 recovery) were Brendan, Joel, Jen, Dave, Colin, Tori, Jennie, Ruth with me supervising but still running 8k in total. Anyone can come along and jog with Dave or with me even if not doing the interval session.

Ruth and Jennie


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