Saturday, 30 June 2018

Mt Ainslie parkrun

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Today at Mt Ainslie Giles completed his 100th parkrun fitted out in a snazzy suit!

The first ten placings:
1 Michael DALY 17:15
2 Paul TRUMBLE 20:30
3 Andy SULLIVAN 20:33
4 Jen BRIGHT 21:16
5 Isaac MUSCAT 21:17
6 George DAY 21:26
7 Giles LAMB 21:45
8 Paul GLASS 22:10
9 Keira DOHERTY 22:21
10 Basher HAKIM 22:26

Photos by John Harding:

Friday, 29 June 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 24 June: I can’t find a long run report for Sunday morning, but on that day I did post some pictures taken by Sandeep. See below at Yes it was freezing. Canberra had four days in a row where the morning temperature was below minus 5 degrees; Tuggeranong had five.

Monday 25 June at Parliament House: It was still; the moon was bright; there were 12 runners; so we went down to the flagpole grass to run relays; 3 person for 12 minutes; 2 person for 12 minutes. Running were Dave, Jen, Pieta, Isaac, Giles, Lisa, Bernado, Vanessa, Jennie, Deborah, Craig, and Candy. I watched, and someone sighted Christopher at one stage.

Thursday 28 June at Parliament House: Brownie, Dave and Jen turned up and disappeared on a run together; there is no truth in the rumour that Dave got lost during the warmup. Meanwhile, on the grass under lights at the western side of the House, I supervised while Jennie ran 16 x 30 seconds on 90. A nice night for training. I was heading south for Woden afterwards and a massive downpour struck near Canberra Hospital, otherwise it was dry!

Happy Birthday today to Candy, in her third trimester and still running strongly!

Thursday, 28 June 2018

YCRC newsletter

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There is a lot happening on the running scene at the moment, with winter events in full swing.
Sunday morning is our monthly Jogalong at Weston Park, with the usual 1.6k Minijog for the kids, 3k event and 6k handicap for women and girls. It might be a bit chilly so make sure you have plenty of warm clothes to put on afterwards.
The winter series resumes the following weekend with the Smithy 2/3/6 km event at Stromlo Forest Park on Saturday 7 July. The 2 km starts at 12.45pm, with both the 3 and 6 km events at 1.00 pm. The 3/6k is run on a genuine cross country course, only a small amount of which uses the usual grass track – if it rains be prepared to get pretty muddy! Apart from being great fun, this is good preparation for runners targeting the National Cross Country events which are often run on much tougher courses than the usual Stromlo circuit. The longer events are also pointscore races in the winter pointscore competitions. As usual, these runs are free to members, $10 adults, $5 under 18s for non-members.
On Saturday 21 July we have one of the premier events of the winter season, the Runners’ Shop 2/5/10k at Grevillea Park. These events will be run jointly with AACT and LAACT, and will incorporate the ACT Road Championships. This is a great opportunity to run a fast, flat 5 or 10 k, and is a good lead up to the City to Surf or Canberra Times Fun Run events.
All the winter series events need volunteers to help with jobs like timing, marshaling and recording. These roles are not complicated or arduous, but our events can't happen without them. If you can help out at any of our winter series races, please contact Dave Osmond at
We have had to make some changes to our events calendar for the remainder of the year:
  • Due to delays in receiving necessary paperwork, the Committee has decided we will not be able to stage the Capital to Coast event in 2018. We intend to proceed with this great event in August 2019, so keep an eye out for further information early next year.
  • With the shift of the Canberra Times Fun Run until later in September, the September Jogalong will revert back to the first Sunday in September, which is 2 September.
  • Due to road construction on Horse Park Drive, we have decided to reverse the Goorooyaroo Half Marathon course on 15 September. This event will now start at the Mulligans Flat end, off Amy Ackman Street in Forde. Unfortunately this means we are unable to offer a 14k or 3x7 relay options, but the 2x10.5 k relay is still available.
All these changes are reflected in our events calendar on the webpage.
Once again the Club is a strategic partner for the Canberra Times Fun Run being held on 23 September. We are currently communicating with Fairfax Events regarding volunteer requirements and will put the call out once these have been decided.
We are also providing pacers for the 10 km event (note that there is no 14 km option this year). We need two people for each 5 minute slot from a finish time of 40 minutes to 80 minutes ie 40, 45, 50, 55 etc. Pacers receive a free entry in return for running their designated pace. These spots are only available to YCRC Club members. If you are able to assist please contact Paul Trumble ( and let him know your target pace.
Of course, if you or someone you know is looking for some help to achieve their goals for the 10k in the Fun Run (or elsewhere), our designated training group is there to help. Click here for more information or to register.
After another successful Canberra Half Marathon this year, the organising team are starting the preparations for 2019, which will be the 50 running of this event. If you have any memorabilia or stories related to the Half Marathon which could be used as part of the promotion of this event, particularly from the early years, please contact Gemma Ruddick at
A reminder that The Runners Shop June sale is still on, so get in quick to grab some bargains at 76 Dundas Court Phillip or Hibberson St Gungahlin (upstairs next to Anytime Fitness, enter between Gloria Jeans and Central Café). And of course, YCRC members get a discount on all purchases, and the Club benefits as well.
And finally, good luck to all Club members competing in the ACT Cross Country Championships at Stromlo Forest Park on Saturday morning.
Upcoming events:
  • 1 July Women and Girls' Jogalong Weston Park
  • 7 July Smithy 2/3/6k at Stromlo Forest Park
  • 21 July Runners Shop 2/5/10k at Grevillea Park
  • 4 August Dunrossil Drive 2.1/4.2 k Yarralumla
  • 5 August Women and Girls' Jogalong Weston Park

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Mother goose

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

All the recent speedygeese race results

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Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 19 June
1. Sandeep Chandra 33:10
3. Peter Thomson 34:30
4. Roger Pilkington 36:20
5. Jason Lewis 31:05
11. James O'Neill 28:35
12. Michael Thompson 33:07
14 finishers

AMRA Black Mountain Run-up 2.6k 19 June
9 Craig Wurtz 17.16
12 Caroline Campbell 26.26
13 finishers

Craig running up the mountain

Customs Joggers 5k 22 June
5 James O'Neill 23:10
6 Colin Farlow 19:11
7 Craig Wurtz 23:28
10 Roger Pilkington 30:21
11 Paul Trumble 21:29
12 Bill Arthur 30:00
15 Peter Thomson 32:35
16 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #319 23 June
7 William BARLOW 19:28 M35
21 Jacob MILLER 23:25 M11
28 Celina MILLER 24:40 W35
42 Bron SPARKES 26:30 W40
46 Chloe MILLER 26:47 W11
51 Kevin MILLER 27:15 M40
85 Cathy NEWMAN 31:14 W55
151 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #278 23 June
15 Anthony PERRY 20:36 M50 **New PB**
20 David WEBSTER 21:39 M65
35 Jason LEWIS 24:30 M40
37 James O'NEILL 24:45 M50
55 Bronwyn CALVER 25:53 W45
59 David CLARKE 26:15 M60
63 Warrick HOWIESON 26:33 M45
89 Gary BOWEN 29:24 M60
163 Nigel ENGLAND 42:27 M55
194 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #247 23 June
9 Gavin MONGAN 20:39 M35
100 Margaret MCSPADDEN 31:48 W70
180 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #107 23 June
6 Jeff GREY 18:48 M50
27 Craig WURTZ 22:11 M50
28 Shareen UNDERWOOD 22:14 W35
68 Lisa MCDONALD 25:50 W40 **New PB**
115 Jennie BLAKE 29:38 W60
189 Chris GAMMON 46:56 M55
202 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #15 23 June
1 Isaac MUSCAT 18:42 M11 **winner**
48 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #9 23 June
3 Giles LAMB 21:01 M40
23 Sandeep CHANDRA 25:25 M45
28 Peter THOMSON 26:36 M55
97 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #60 23 June
14 Vanessa PALMER 29:58 W45
49 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #20 23 June
33 Dale MOORE 28:43 M55
73 finishers

Jindabyne parkrun #3 23 June
24 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #112 23 June
1 Jen BRIGHT 19:44 W40 **winner**
19 Victoria HENNIG 26:43 W55
36 finishers

Maidstone 5k parkrun #277 23 June
65 David BAUSSMANN 23:36 M65
179 Ruth BAUSSMANN 28:50 W65
363 finishers

YCRC Stromlo 5k 23 June
17. Rohan Pitchford M50 22:22
18. James O'Neill M50 22:24
20. Craig Wurtz M50 23:18
26. Geoff Moore M70 25:16
31. Peter Thomson M55 28:14
42 finishers
This was a handicap based on age and gender and that wasn't the finishing order.

ACTMA Mount Ainslie 9.3k 24 June
12 David Webster M65 45:24
15 Nadine Morrison W45 49:11
26 Gabrielle Brown W50 52:01
30 Jennie Blake W60 59:00
31 Jeff Grey M50 41:29
35 Rod Lynch M55 47:27
36 Craig Wurtz M50 53:07
38 Margaret McSpadden W70 71:14
40 finishers

ACTMA Mount Ainslie 4.5k 24 June
1 Cathy Newman W55 29:47
6 Gary Bowen M60 23:49
10 Jill Pearson W60 25:54
23 finishers

Tuggeranong Trot 20k 24 June
16. Monika Holmwood 1:35:15
28. Narelle Desmet 1:41:38
40. Mhairi Craig 1:47:53
45. Brendan Belcher 1:48:57
46. James O'Neill 1:49:06
87. Jason Lewis 2:08:05
98. Sue Bowden 2:19:23
128 finishers

Tuggeranong Trot 8k 24 June
40. Bron Sparkes 42:30
46. Shane Wright 42:55
69. Graeme Smyth 46:30
104. Dom Sparkes 52:30
147 finishers

Kiama Coastal Classic 14k 24 June
28 David CLARKE 1:08:14
276 finishers

Monday, 25 June 2018


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Song of the Week:
Rend Collective – "Rescuer".

Sunday, 24 June 2018

It was freezing this morning

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When I checked the temperature just before 8am, it was officially minus 5.1
Here are some great photos from Sandeep taken this morning.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Mother parkrun gold - son parkrun gold

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A rare occurrence. Today, Jen won the Bateman's Bay parkrun outright, her first outright win, her 66th parkrun. Time, 19:44
On the same day, Jen's son Isaac won Coombs parkrun outright, time about 18:45. Pity his Mum had his barcode with her!

A rare coup for the speedygeese!

Footnote: an update has occurred!

Friday, 22 June 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 17 June: long run report [Dave]: In 3 degrees with a slight Westerly, 16 speedygeese set off on a two and a half km gentle rise around the north face of Mt Stromlo then a very nice trail down to the river, along the slight undulation of the river trail then back to the bike path and Mt Stromlo (14k).
Six of us then added another 8k around Narrabundah Hill for a total of 22km with around 500 metres elevation.
Beautiful scenery, great company and a perfect mix of fitness and fun. Wouldn’t have stayed in bed for quids 😃.
Welcome to new, or relatively new, runners Natalie, Clive and Craig.
Meanwhile there were some great results at the Kowen trail run, with Sarah-Jane first female and Monica third female in the half marathon. Bernardo was first male and Narelle was second female in the 12k. Giles and Amanda Mc also put in a great performance in the half and Mike did the full marathon. 😮
Next week, some are doing Sri Chinmoy 20k, Dave might be our only rep at the Kiama Classic 14k.

Pic from Sunday with, among others, Sandeep, Brownie, Natalie, Candy, Mhairi, Isaac, Jen, Thach and William.

Monday 18 June at Parliament House: Ten people turned up on a wet and cold day – except the rain cleared and the wind dropped just in time. Running were Jen, Isaac, Giles, Dave, Candy, Warrick, Jennie, Jacob, Anthony (new), and me, while Christopher walked. The group ran 200 on/200 off for 30 minutes, they probably did about 12-15 of them.

Thursday 21 June at Parliament House: it was cold. I ran 5k early fully rugged up; then running intervals over 200, 300, 400m were Jacob, Isaac, Dave, Jennie, Bernardo, Craig and Giles, while I jogged another 5k. Anthony arrived at the end and did his training solo.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


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Age/Gender Handicap Stromlo Forest Park 23 June
This is a fun event at 1pm  where the oldest participants start first around the 5k course and are chased by the younger runners. Theoretically everyone should finish at the same time! There is also a 2k event at 12.45pm.
10/14K Training Group
Registrations are now open for this training group which starts Sunday 22 July and is aimed at The Canberra Times Fun Run 23 September. More details are available on the YCRC website and registrations can be made at
  ACT Cross Country Championships Saturday 30 June
These are joint championships between Athletics ACT, ACT Masters Athletics and Little As. Entries can only be lodged on-line with the relevant organisations and close Wednesday 20 June at 9pm. [Edit- ACTMA 27 June]
The Runners Shop Sale
The Runners Shop, one of our major sponsors, is holding its annual sale with fantastic bargains on a wide variety of shoes.  
For the rest of June, the Runners Shop will be giving our customers the opportunity to buy 2 pairs of full priced running shoes at 20% off!
In addition to this, during June we’re taking 40% off the marked price of Asics, Nike, Mizuno and New Balance apparel!
But that’s not all! 
We also have some terrific specials which are DISAPPEARING FAST!
  • Bondi 5 - $189
  • Saucony Hurricane / Triumph 3 and 4 - $199
  • Rides 9 and 10 - $149
  • Peregrine 7s - $149bro
  • Womens Brooks Vapor - $149
  • Mens Brooks Ravenna 8 - $159
  • New Balance Zante - $129
  • Nike Free Run v2 - $129
  • Nike Structure 20 and Lunarglide 9 - $149
Come and see us, at 76 Dundas Court Phillip or Hibberson St Gungahlin (upstairs next to Anytime Fitness, enter between Gloria Jeans and Central Café).
Trails in Motion films
The Trails in Motion film festival is coming to Canberra 18 and 19 June at Palace Electric. Included in these inspiring films is one about Michael Milton and his participation in the UTA 50 last year. For more information see 

Coming Events:
23 June 1245 Age/gender Handicap 2/5k at Stromlo.
1 July Women and Girls' Jogalong Weston Park.
7 July Smithy 2/3/6k at Stromlo - note, this is mostly run off the groomed track!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Working from home - this sounds familiar.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

All the recent speedygeese race results

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YCRC Women's 6k Jogalong 03 June
8. Cathy Montalto W65 41:37
19. Vanessa Haverd W40 24:11
46. Kathy Sims W65 31:43
50. Caroline Campbell W75 41:44
62 finishers

BBQ Stakes 6k 06 June
1. Ricky Somerville 40:24
9. James O'Neill 28:04
15. Craig Wurtz 29:31
23. Gary Bowen 32:23
30. Ewen Thompson 34:53
41. Sue Bowden 33:15
50. Caroline Campbell 42:17
51. Roger Pilkington 37:37
52. Bronwyn Calver 33:57
56. Peter Thomson 55:36
57. William Barlow 30:14
59. Victoria Hennig 37:03
63 finishers

Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon 11 June
5. Jeff Grey 1:25:59
9. David Clarke 1:33:56
17. Amanda McCormack 1:43:28
40. Warrick Howieson 2:05:29
48 finishers

Sri Chinmoy 5 Mile 11 June
11. Rohan Pitchford 35:33
22. Jennifer Kellett 40:35
30. Ewen Thompson 43:47
40. Kevin Chamberlain 46:06
47. Caroline Campbell 49:57
51. Margaret McSpadden 52:24
53 finishers

Sri Chinmoy 2 Mile 11 June
3. Kym Chisholm 14:30
29 finishers

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 12 June
2. Peter Thomson 45:08
3. James O'Neill 27:03
4. Roger Pilkington 50:40
6. Michael Thompson 51:06
9 finishers

Customs Joggers 5k 15 June
2 Paul Trumble 20:54
3 Caroline Campbell 34:06
4 Roger Pilkington 27:04
6 Colin Farlow 19:37
10 James O'Neill 23:18
12 Peter Thomson 35:42
13 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #318 16 June
19 Andrew SIMPSON 22:27 M45
71 Brendan BELCHER 28:11 M35
165 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #277 16 June
3 Bernardo PALMA 18:07 M30
9 Nigel ENGLAND 20:33 M55
11 David CLARKE 20:56 M60
12 Anthony PERRY 21:19 M50
18 Shane WRIGHT 21:46 M45
49 Bronwyn CALVER 25:55 W45
53 Ricky SOMERVILLE 26:09 M50
82 Kerron CLARE 28:41 W50
194 Chris GAMMON 1:00:39 M55
198 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #246 16 June
51 Lisa MCDONALD 25:27 W40 **New PB**
104 Margaret MCSPADDEN 32:08 W70
153 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #106 16 June
48 Shareen UNDERWOOD 25:33 W35
50 Gary BOWEN 25:45 M60
53 Elizabeth BENNETT 26:08 W55
70 Jennie BLAKE 28:45 W60
71 Caroline CAMPBELL 29:02 W75
121 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #14 16 June
4 Paul TRUMBLE 20:40 M30 **New PB**
33 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #8 16 June
19 Giles LAMB 23:27 M40
102 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #59 16 June
60 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #19 16 June
23 Dale MOORE 29:21 M55
50 finishers

Jindabyne parkrun #2 16 June
22 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #111 16 June
32 finishers

Penrith Lakes 5k parkrun #179 16 June
15 William BARLOW 20:48 M35
182 finishers

Mole Valley 5k parkrun #14 16 June
71 David BAUSSMANN 25:33 M65
156 Ruth BAUSSMANN 30:17 W65
286 finishers

Roma Pineto 5k parkrun #11 16 June
37 Carolyne KRAMAR 36:40 W50
42 finishers

YCRC Longstaff 8k 16 June
6. Jennifer Bright W40 34:40
16. Peter Thomson M55 49:38
24 finishers

YCRC Pennington 16k 16 June
13. James O'Neill M50 1:23:02
14. Shuji Iwasaki M40 1:31:10
17. Sandeep Chandra M45 1:35:10
19. Roger Pilkington M55 1:39:39
22 finishers

Kowen Trail Marathon 17 June
31. Michael Thompson 5:26:38
43 finishers

Kowen Trail Half Marathon 17 June
14. Paul Trumble 1:45:40
16. Sarah-Jayne Miller 1:46:06 **1st female**
17. Jane Gordon 1:46:57 **2nd female**
18. Monika Holmwood 1:47:26 **3rd female**
23. Giles Lamb 1:54:06
57. Amanda McCormack 2:09:55
80. Gabrielle Brown 2:23:15
93. Kerron Clare 2:28:04
101. Sue Bowden 2:32:04
103. Jennifer Kellett 2:33:15
140. William Arthur 3:05:25
152 finishers

Kowen Trail 12k 17 June
1. Bernardo Palma 57:14 **winner**
6. Narelle Desmet 1:02:42 **2nd female**
10. Shareen Underwood 1:08:01 **3rd female**
38. Kristy Primrose 1:17:18
62. Brandon Primrose 1:21:45
200 finishers

Kristy @ Kowen

Monday, 18 June 2018

71.6kg and steady

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The Band. The Weight. The Song of the Week.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Reliving today's Mt Stromlo run - with photos

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Thanks Dave.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Good weather for geese

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(Especially good if the speedygoose is dressed as a gorilla at a freezing Ginninderra parkrun this morning)

Friday, 15 June 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 10 June: long run report [Dave]: A small group of 5 speedygeese turned up for today’s long run on the Tour De Ridges course at Mawson/Isaacs. We set off across the park and a few minutes later found everyone else at the right car park 🤣
Mhairi and Shiree led the pack out and then I took a photo of everyone (except Mhairi and Shiree) standing in a pack smiling.
Everyone ran up a big hill while I jogged along behind. Eventually they stopped and I took more pics. Then they all disappeared and I aborted the run and headed back to the car (after 5 unsuccessful attempts to do a race and a tempo run the day before the long run it might be time to try a different strategy 🤣).
Thach and Candy turned up at Fox and Bow for coffee an hour later. Apparently some others are on the way. Oh, hang on, Jen’s just arrived.
No idea who ran or how far but you can probably figure it out from the photos. 😁. I think Helen’s in there?? 😂

Monday 11 June at Parliament House: Hill reps, 8 x 100 on 90 seconds, then 10 x 200 (down; up) on 2 minutes. Ages ranged from 7 to 71 years old! Participating were Joel, Colin, Lisa, Isaac, Giles, Jen, Rae, Daniel and me. Only one person was exhausted afterwards and it wasn't the 7 or the 71 year old (see photo).

Thursday 14 June at Parliament House: The session was 5 x 600 with 300 jog, plus a 300. Present were Jen, Isaac, Colin, Jacob, Brownie, Jennie, Dave and me. I ran 5k early and mostly watched.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

There is a new generation of speedygeese: ACT Cross Country Championships

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

All the recent speedygeese race results

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BBQ Stakes 6k 30 May
8. Bronwyn Calver 33:48
13. Ewen Thompson 33:58
17. James O'Neill 28:35
30. William Barlow 26:12
42. Gary Bowen 32:40
45. Sue Bowden 33:37
51. Roger Pilkington 33:55
52. Caroline Campbell 42:58
55. Ricky Somerville 38:36
58. Peter Thomson
58 finishers

AMRA Mt Ainslie Run-Up 2.3k 05 June
From the photos, looks like there were 9 runners, Caroline was one of them.

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 05 June
4. Ewen Thompson 35:47
5. James O'Neill 27:41
8. Ricky Somerville 31:38
11. Michael Thompson 31:23
12. Roger Pilkington 35:46
14. Peter Thomson 60:39
14 finishers

Customs Joggers 5k 08 June
1 Caroline Campbell 33:39
3 Jacob Grooby 17:55
5 James O'Neill 22:35
8 Giles Lamb 20:56
9 Yili Zhu 23:26
10 Colin Farlow 19:33
17 Roger Pilkington 27:31
19 Ewen Thompson 29:33
21 Peter Thomson 44:39
21 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #317 09 June
18 Brendan BELCHER 22:12 M35
19 Jane LILLEY 22:27 W45
36 Bron SPARKES 24:55 W40
39 Celina MILLER 25:09 W35
40 Kevin MILLER 25:13 M40
49 Jill PEARSON 26:20 W60
103 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #276 09 June
4 Jeff GREY 19:16 M50
5 David CLARKE 19:27 M60
8 Jen BRIGHT 19:38 W40
49 Bronwyn CALVER 25:40 W45
50 Warrick HOWIESON 25:41 M45
100 Peter THOMSON 38:06 M55
109 Kerron CLARE 45:02 W50
122 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #245 09 June
12 Giles LAMB 20:20 M40
53 Lisa MCDONALD 26:14 W40
84 Margaret MCSPADDEN 31:44 W70
108 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #105 09 June
60 Caroline CAMPBELL 29:22 W75
98 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #13 09 June
40 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #7 09 June
9 Amanda MCCORMACK 23:31 W35
58 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #58 09 June
5 Gavin MONGAN 21:43 M35 **New PB**
45 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #18 09 June
18 Dale MOORE 30:21 M55
40 finishers

Jindabyne parkrun #1 09 June
1 Paul TRUMBLE 19:58 M30
9 Shareen UNDERWOOD 22:12 W35
13 James O'NEILL 22:57 M50
28 Ewen THOMPSON 25:47 M60
34 Gary BOWEN 27:15 M60
60 William BARLOW 31:37 M35
77 Vanessa PALMER 35:45 W45
107 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #110 09 June
6 Craig DAVIS 21:59 M45
33 finishers

Gold Coast 25k 10 June
17 Michelle Wells W45 1:57:22.5
34 Elizabeth Bennett W55 2:27:13.2
51 finishers

Monday, 11 June 2018

She’s On Fire

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Song of the week. "She’s On Fire", by Train, at

Sunday, 10 June 2018

"What does everyone do for recovery after a big run?"

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Vanessa Palmer Sleeeeeeep

William Barlow Was talking to Thach Huynh about this during our run today. I'm a big believer of slow moving for the day. When I got home I walked/jogged the kids around the block while they rode or roller bladed then finished up with some mulching and chicken herding.

Jen Bright Amble up Mt taylor. Plus I stretched straight after the run. Always tend to go for a slow walk after run. My legs feel much better than sitting around. More walking I do during the week better recovery from runs. Slow meandering walks.

Thach Huynh We normally going for a family swim

Narelle Desmet Straight after a long run my fav to drink one of these. Btw must be Chocolate Oak 😋🤤😁

Mhairi Craig try not to get cold, drink, then eat raspberries,cereal and yogurt.
Mhairi Craig and then I usually walk and do a pump class :-). Then I fall asleep!!!

Geoff Moore On a hot day animals lie down in the shade to recover after a hard chase. So do I.

Paul Trumble I'm at the pub...


Saturday, 9 June 2018

speedygeese (mostly)who were at today's Jindabyne parkrun launch!

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Friday, 8 June 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions. And a must-watch video.

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Sunday 03 June: long run report [Narelle]: Well , I thought I would do a bit of a run report . 21 geese lined up for the SG LR this morning , lucky the wind kept away , and temperature for Winter were pretty mild . The Geese flock gathered at Mc Donald's in tuggies near the Hyperdome, actually South Point now . We ran for a couple of km along Tuggies lake , then ventured to Urambi Hills , skirting around the hill although a few wayward geese took a detour up to the top of Urambi . From there we took a trail along the Murrumbidgee river to pine island , where the flock split. With a group doing 14/15 km . The rest ventured on to my favourite part of the Murrumbidgee corridor , Pine island to Point Hut. Very beautiful & scenic with a few creek crossings . Due to my curry night and wines there was a I need for a pit stop , before venturing on to the back of Bonython fire trail were you can stretch your legs . A short couple of km on the bike path back to the starting point Maccas and it was all done . Hopefully you all enjoyed it. Breakfast at Milligrams looks awesome , Graeme said the coffee was very good . Also thanks for Graeme for helping me map out the run . We are really lucky to have such beautiful trails in our back yard . All Geese did between 14-21 km as far as I'm aware. Check out William Barlow's awesome video !! Special thanks to Lisa for messaging us that she had some knee trouble and was getting picked up. Good luck with your knee Lisa. I hope you all enjoyed this run as I believe it is one of the most beautiful trails Canberra has to offer. 🏃♀️ 🏃♂️ 🏃♀️ 🏃♂️ 😃

Monday 04 June at Parliament House: Christopher, Dave and I were there not participating; participating in 12 x 170 runs on 150 seconds were Giles, Warrick, Pieta, Ruth, Jen, Isaac and Bernado.

Thursday 07 June at Parliament House: I can’t explain the low turn-out, just Dave, Brownie, Colin, Jen and I were there for repeats of 200 (jog 200 back), 300 (300), 400 (400) for 25 minutes. It wasn’t cold. The car park was empty too not much happening at Parliament House today.

The Sunday crowd

William’s video, at

Thursday, 7 June 2018

ACT Masters Cross Country Championships 2018

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Cross Country championships will be held in conjunction with AACT and LAACT at Stromlo Forest Park on Saturday 30 June, 2018.
Under 70 Masters will run 8k starting at 10:35. Masters 70+ (men and women) will run 6k starting at 11:15.
Further details are on the Athletics ACT website :
On-line entries may be made at until Wednesday 27th June 9:00pm. No late entries or entry on the day.
Volunteers are also required to help out.  Please contact Roger Pilkington 0409 543826 or Nigel England 0477 341334 If you can assist.

I can enter and run "only" 6k this year! Hoping to be fit enough to do so!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

There are endless kilometres of great trails around Canberra

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

All the recent speedygeese race results

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BBQ Stakes 6k 23 May
5. Bronwyn Calver 35:00
13. James O'Neill 28:37
20. William Barlow 25:04
29. Jodie Davis 46:26
32. Ricky Somerville 33:30
36. Craig Wurtz 30:17
37. Alcina Dias 34:19
43. Ewen Thompson 35:09
53. Gary Bowen 33:45
56. Roger Pilkington 34:17
63. Andrew Simpson 28:37
64. Caroline Campbell 52:07
68. Peter Thomson 59:59
69 finishers

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k
29 May
3. James O'Neill 26:52
9. Ricky Somerville 33:14
10. Ewen Thompson 38:22
13. Nicole Bruce 38:52
14. Roger Pilkington 35:00
15. Michael Thompson 34:17
17. Peter Thomson 56:40
17 finishers

Lake Ginninderra 7k 29 May
6 finishers

Customs Joggers 5k 01 June
1 Susan Sturgeon 23:24
2 Bill Arthur 29:03
3 Roger Pilkington 26:50
4 Craig Wurtz 23:35
9 Giles Lamb 20:53
12 Ewen Thompson 27:19
15 Colin Farlow 19:55
16 Caroline Campbell 36:22
17 Ricky Somerville 30:18
19 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #316 02 June
9 Chloe MILLER 21:44 W11 **New PB**
10 Andrew SIMPSON 21:47 M45
22 Jane LILLEY 22:55 W45
26 Kevin MILLER 23:09 M40
40 Geoff MOORE 24:09 M70
45 Bron SPARKES 24:30 W40
51 Jacob MILLER 24:55 M11
52 Celina MILLER 24:56 W35
55 David BAUSSMANN 25:13 M65
65 Jill PEARSON 26:58 W60
104 Ruth BAUSSMANN 29:13 W65
151 Cathy NEWMAN 32:34 W55
212 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #275 02 June
16 Nigel ENGLAND 20:28 M55
24 James O'NEILL 21:33 M50 **New PB**
34 Pieta SMITH 22:49 W45
52 Jen BRIGHT 24:31 W40
56 Chris GAMMON 24:39 M55
60 Jason LEWIS 24:48 M40
99 Shane WRIGHT 27:25 M45
243 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #244 02 June
69 Lisa MCDONALD 25:45 W40 **New PB**
106 William BARLOW 28:32 M35
137 Margaret MCSPADDEN 31:40 W70
218 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #104
02 June
3 Jeff GREY 19:28 M50
7 Giles LAMB 19:59 M40 **New PB**
9 David CLARKE 20:06 M60 **New PB**
11 Rohan PITCHFORD 21:11 M50
17 Craig WURTZ 21:39 M50
107 Caroline CAMPBELL 29:41 W75
188 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #12 02 June
7 Michelle WELLS 21:20 W45 **New PB**
12 Amanda MCCORMACK 22:49 W35 **New PB**
35 Gary BOWEN 27:39 M60
38 Jennie BLAKE 29:05 W60
66 Ricky SOMERVILLE 50:34 M50
67 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #6 02 June
11 Brendan BELCHER 22:35 M35
78 Bronwyn CALVER 30:59 W45
82 William ARTHUR 32:27 M65
135 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #57 02 June
2 Bernardo PALMA 21:26 M30
23 Vanessa PALMER 31:51 W45
81 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #17
02 June
88 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #109 02 June
13 Janene KINGSTON 24:54 W50
17 Victoria HENNIG 26:35 W55
32 Gregg BERRY 45:29 M60 **New PB**
36 finishers

Roma Pineto 5k parkrun #9 02 June
38 Carolyne KRAMAR 39:10 W50
45 finishers

@Ginninderra parkrun





Celina (behind Debra), Jacob

Bron (ahead of Clare)


Monday, 4 June 2018

End Of The Line

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Song of the week: "End Of the Line", by The Traveling Wilburys
R.I.P Roy Orbison - note the empty chair in the video clip, very sad.
Also, since the video, R.I.P. George Harrison & Tom Petty
God take care of Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynn, the two Wilburys left.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Lisa @ Gungahlin parkrun

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Yet another PB - this time it's down to 25:45, her first sub 26.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

some of the big events coming up

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I am keeping a list of upcoming main events, of interest to the speedygeese.
You can access the updated version any time via a tab in the blog's heading.
I will add events regularly.
11 Jun Sri Half
16 Jun YCRC 8k, 16k
17 June Kowen Trail Run
24 June Kiama Coast
12 Aug City to Surf
19 Aug ACTMA Half
1 Sep Coastal Classic
16 Sep Blackmores
23 Sep Canberra Times
Oct Run with the Wind
7 Oct Canberra 105
14 Oct Melb Marathon
3-4 Nov Carcoar Cup

Friday, 1 June 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 27 May long run report [Dave]: Well the results just keep getting better for Speedygeese - new PBs, more fun and better technology (thanks to William’s drone - see his YouTube video of Sunday’s run 😃)
Firstly, Saturday’s clear out performer was Jen Bright, running under 20 minutes at the YMCA Runners Club 5k. Even more impressive given her recent illness. I was 20 minute pacer at Tuggeranong parkrun and, even though followers were sparse, a few people did get PBs as a result. 😊
Sunday’s YMCA half marathon’s star was Giles Lamb, with a huge PB of 1:31:11. Mike also got a PB in 1:48:54. It looks like Ruth (2:09:44) and Jennie (2:11:44) might have got PBs as well. Roger did 2:03:00, Jeff 1:29:00, Rickie 2:04:44 and Thommo 2:55:00 (near enough). Meanwhile James got a PB at the 10k Merimbula fun run.
A bunch of us stopped by and cheered a few on during our Sunday “long” run and managed to catch a glimpse of Sandeep smiling on a run (a very rare event) 🤣. Sorry Sandeep I didn’t get your time. Meanwhile Jacob was just trotting around watching and did 22 k in about 1:30:00 😱 😱
Finally, in today’s Sri Chinmoy Cotter Canter trail run, there were cups all round. In the 5k Bron was 5th female in 26:20 and Dom got 27:24. In the 10k Graeme was 4th male 50-59, Sue 1st female 60-69, and Ewen 4th male 60-69. I was 1st male 60-69 in 45:59 and Narelle was today’s star getting 5th female overall in 46:17, a great performance given her UTA run last weekend followed by the flu. 😱
Great work everyone. Sorry if I missed anyone.
See you next week. 🤓

Monday 28 May at Parliament House: Running 10-12 170m runs on 2½ minutes were Deborah, Pieta, Lisa, Allie, Colin, Giles, Ruth, Isaac, Jen, Dom, Bron, and me.

Thursday 31 May at Parliament House: The last day of Autumn officially but it is weeks since it felt like Autumn. Running 3 x 1200 (800 recovery) were Brendan, Joel, Jen, Dave, Colin, Tori, Jennie, Ruth with me supervising but still running 8k in total. Anyone can come along and jog with Dave or with me even if not doing the interval session.

Ruth and Jennie