Friday, 16 March 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 11 March long run report [Dave]: It was a busy long weekend for speedygeese runners. Saturday saw some great runs at 6 Foot Track (about 1,500m elevation over 45k) and the Australian Alpine Ascent (about 800m elevation over 25k). Sunday was the Weston Creek half marathon and Maloolabar triathlon. Monday was the Sri Chinmoy 4k and 10k.

In 6 Foot Track Martin smashed out a 4:34, Shuji finished in 5:01:41 and Mike got 5:51:42. Fantastic efforts on a gruelling course. 😯

In the AAA Monika was 2nd female in 2:25:08 and Narelle was 5th female in 2:43:51, while Graeme finished in 3:13:28. Well done guys. 😯

In the half marathon Giles did a respectable 1:36:20, Thommo 1:39:46, Roger did 2:03:36 and Ruth was close behind with 2:07:03. Afterwards Ruth, Margaret, Roger, Ewen and I had coffee at the Botanical Gardens café. Without planning it, we all came up with creative ways to save the $2 parking fee. Ewen rode his bike from Calwell (63k round trip), Roger parked on the road and walked up black mountain to the café, and I parked in the carpark and didn’t bother paying (as usual). Ruth gets the prize for getting a lift with someone who has a disabled sticker. 😂 🤣

Also on Sunday, Dave B knocked over the triathlon in 2:42:00, with 49:19 for the 10k run section.

Meanwhile, on the official speedygeese long run, Mhairi, Jen, Helen, Sue, Tim, Helen, Adrian, Jen B, Shane, Kelley, Helen, Mick and Shiree ran or hiked up Mount Tennent. And Helen was there too. Most finished with 20k. Adrian and Shiree did a bit extra, ending with 24k. There was one fall (Sue, who is apparently okay) and reportedly no one got lost.

On Monday in the Sri Chinmoy 10k, Kelley was first female 50-59 (great backup after yesterday’s Mt Tennent) and I managed 1st male 50-59 in 41:27. John finished the 10k in 1:08:25. Mick and Craig W also ran the 10k. Kim C is having a great comeback with 2nd female overall in the 4k.

That’s all for this weekend - let’s do it all again next weekend (well maybe not quite all of it). 😀 😯

Monday 12 March at Parliament House: A session of laps of the Rose Garden: starting on 2:30 and running 12 reps were Jen, Isaac and Giles. Starting on 2:45 and running 11 reps were Bron, Sandeep, Jinnie and Tori; starting on 3:00 and running 10 laps were Ruth and Bill. I watched the timer, and Christopher did his fast walking.

Thursday 15 March at Stromlo Forest Park I watched while Jen, Isaac, Jennie and Colin ran 7 x 200 with 100 jog, then 12 x 50 with 50 recovery. The speedygosling group seems no more, and daylight saving ending 1 April means only two more Thursdays at Stromlo before they lock the gate early.

Giles running the Weston Creek Half Marathon


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