Wednesday, 10 May 2017

weekly speedygeese training summary

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On Thursday 4 May at Parliament House: present were Colin, me, Giles, Jennie, Jennifer (visitor), Brownie, Rohan and Sandeep. We repeated Monday night's session of 12 x 40 seconds on 2 minutes, with an extra minute’s break after 4 and 8, alternating direction from the middle of the west side straight; except the 12th which was for 69 seconds after a short break too. That’s because I turned 69 that day.

Sunday 7 May at Stromlo Forest Park Andrew, Sandeep and I ran on the grass there. Meanwhile as reported by Dave "the morning’s speedygeese long run from the Arboretum to the river and back was 'interesting, to say the least', as one person put it. It was either chaos or an adventure, depending how you look at it. It all started when we missed a turn, then got bridges confused, then couldn’t find the bridge that wasn’t, then thought we were where we weren’t so missed the turn back to the Arboretum. Even having the course on Narelle's Garmin didn't help. Graeme got the course almost perfectly but, unfortunately for the rest of us, he was going in the opposite direction. He ended up with 25k. Warrick was smart enough to do a 13k out and back so missed all the “fun”. In the end the 14k short course ended up being 19k, at which point Nigel decided he had done enough and did some sunning at the carpark. From there everyone seemed to do their own thing while I ran around looking for people. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, no one tripped over (unusually) and we discovered a new trail, where we caught up with Maria and her friend. Susan and Sarah had to run off to eating events, so they jogged down the hill to the lake to end up with around 20k. Bron was so excited about doing the extra 5k in the “short” course she did 2k more to finish the half marathon distance. Narelle decided to do a few extra to make her 28-30k into 32 and I finished up with 26k, which was enough to round the week up to 70k. Graeme, Narelle, Nigel and I regrouped at the arbo café for coffee and muffins. Thanks everyone for a fun morning. Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone."

Monday 8 May at Parliament House I ran early, then Andy, Colin, Isaac, Jen, Jenni, Mick, Pieta, Sandeep, Susan and Vanessa ran 16 x 100m on 90, 2nd eastern hill, while I supervised and Christopher was seen walking. Afterwards there was a farewell for Andy, attended by Dave, Ewen, me, Jenni, George, Mick, Sandeep, Susan and of course Andy himself.

Happy distance runners at the arboretum

The view

Bron and Susan


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