Thursday, 20 April 2017

Watch out for European wasps

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This is a message from the ACT Invasive Species Officer:
"We are currently experiencing a very dangerous European Wasp season in the ACT. The wasps are prolific along creeks, rivers and other water bodies. The wasps are entering the breeding season and will not hesitate to sting and attack if a nest is disturbed... Consequences from multiple wasp stings can be very serious."

See the attached information sheet [copied below], which includes first aid advice and details on how to identify them. Suspected European wasp nests should be reported to the European Wasp Hotline 02 6258 5551. [Solitary wasps are generally not European wasps]. Nests can be recorded using the eWasp app, as per the information on the brochure.

Nests are being identified regularly at Jerrabomberra Wetlands and along Jerrabomberra Creek, so please be very cautious there and watch where you are walking, particularly when close to water or in long grass. European wasp nests are also frequently found in wall cavities, eaves and gardens.


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