Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Speedygeese training summary

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On Thursday 30 March at Parliament House: Dave was jogging in the carpark; Sandeep and Giles were running in the rain; Jen and Brendan were training doing 12 laps of the Rose Garden 200s course in the pouring rain; I was damply supervising.

Sunday 2 April at Stromlo Forest Park: Sandeep, Andrew and I ran on the grass, plus Gavin and Matt were there too.

Also on Sunday 2 April Dave reports: "Perfect morning for Speedy Geese long run, with 10 starters. Nice to be able to have a sleep in and a 7.30 start with a relaxing coffee at Maccas on the lake. It was a relatively short long run, with the taper for the ultra well underway. The rest of the crew turned up at 8.00am. Good turnout, including newcomers Jason and Graeme. This week was a fairly flat run from Lake Tuggeranong to Point Hut Pond then along the river to Pine Island and back to Lake Tuggers (well, for most, except Jason and I who separately managed to get lost and do a few extra km). Sandeep was conspicuous by his absence, being at Mt Stromlo with Speedy Geoff and Andy who were doing the usual Sunday morning intervals.
Unlike last week (thanks to Giles for headbutting the bike path), this week’s run was fairly uneventful. Nobody seemed interested in taking one for the team to help get more Likes on facebook. Mhairi’s leaking top was probably the most exciting event . I had a suggestion to fix that, but she wasn’t sure that nursing pads would have helped with a leaking water bottle.
This week’s distance winner was Narelle, with 20km, followed closely by Mhairi, Jason and I with 18k. Those who didn’t get lost or overly excited (Ewen, Bronwyn, Bron, Jen, Susan, and Graeme) did 15k. Somehow we all ended up back in the right place for coffee (which took longer than the run, by the way). Thanks everyone. Looking for a huge day out next weekend with the ultra, and with Sandeep and Ruth doing the marathon, and Jen, Ewen and others coming along for support and post run celebrations."

Graeme Smyth, Narelle Desmet, Jason Roberts, Dave Clarke, Susan Sturgeon, Jen Bright, Mhairi Craig, Bron Sparkes, Bronwyn Calver. Photo by Ewen Thompson.

On Monday 3 April at Parliament House: Ewen and I ran early; the main session was 15 x 100m hill on 2 mins (with 230m recovery) with Andy, Colin, David, Emma, Isaac, Jen participating while I supervised; Dave, Ewen, Sandeep, Ruth jogging around and Christopher was seen walking..

Parliament House training continues every Monday (hills) and Thursday (long intervals) this month.


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