Wednesday, 14 September 2016

speedygeese training

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 with 3 comments
At Parliament House on Thursday 8 September Ewen ran early, then Colin, Jen, me, Ruth, Ewen ran Rose Garden intervals.

Same venue on Monday 12 September I was absent and I think attending were Andy, Caroline, Christopher, Colin, Dave, Isaac, Jen, Pieta, Rae, Rohan, Ruth, Sandeep. They ran 200’s.

Here's a picture of Ruth running last month. Obviously enjoying the last of the wintry weather.


  1. I was absent on Monday - sick.

  2. Oh thanks for that awesome photo (not) Geoff!! Just wait for the 'after' shot - I will transform myself and open my eyes lol!!

    1. He cut off your legs so we wouldn't miss the closed eyes! Geoff has the best running photos ever!