Wednesday, 1 June 2016

speedygeese training

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Last Thursday at Dickson I ran long while Sandeep, Dave, Jen and Rohan trained running 12 laps of straights, jogging the bends. The track was only slightly damp and the temperature was around 10 degrees, but as usual the rain during the day must have kept a few speedygeese away. It did not rain at Dickson between 4:00pm when I arrived and 6:20pm when I left.

Sunday was cold and still: Dave, Andrew & I ran at Stromlo at 7:30am.

Monday 30th we ran a thirty minutes continuous zigzag relay, the lower flagpoles area where each runner in turn in each team running a leg which went diagonal downhill then straight up hill. Team B was first: Isaac, Jen, Pieta. Team C second, Susan, Sandeep and me, Team A third: Colin, Andrew, Dave, and Team D fourth with Caroline, Diana and Mick. It was good to get some real training in and my injuries did not worsen as a result.

Training session winners! Jen, Isaac, Pieta.


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