Thursday, 16 June 2016

"Meet Ann Go"

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Ann Go was a member of my training group "SpeedyDucks", an ANU and LifeUC based running group, when she studied here in Canberra. Also a lovely person and good friend.
The following article was published yesterday in which highlights "Filipinos doing all kinds of science in all kinds of places."

Meet Ann Go:

1) What do you do?
I image the brain activity of Alzheimer’s mice models and compare it to that of normal mice. The idea is to spot differences to know more about the disease and how we can intervene.
2) Where do you work?
At the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London, U.K.
3) Tell us about the photos!
[Left:] Me in the middle of an experiment. I’m snobbish when I’m working. :-)
[Right:] Me pretending to be a triathlete because PhD was about to drive me crazy!
4) Tell us about your academic career path so far.
I grew up in Tacloban. It’s a small city but we certainly had electricity! I went to Asian Development Foundation (now ADF College) and Philippine Science High School. Then I pursued BS Applied Physics and MS Physics at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
After a short break to figure out my life, I started a PhD in Medical Physics at the National Tsinghua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. After a semester I realised I wasn’t Chinese enough so I moved to Canberra, Australia to finish a PhD in Neuroscience at the Australian National University.
I took a year off research to return to Yolanda-ravaged Tacloban. I did a short research project at the University of Regensburg in Germany before starting postdoc at Imperial College in London.
5) Anything else you want to share?
According to a study, countries that consume more chocolate have more Nobel laureates. Philippines, we need to catch up! I’m doing my share both in the science and in the chocolate consumption. People think I just love chocolates. But this is for love of country!


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