Sunday, 1 May 2016

New Speedy Geese tops - order yours now.

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Jen Bright is organising for a new batch of speedy geese tops. They will be tshirts, male and female ones. Will be either blue or white once we decide and will have speedy geese written on it with geese and Parliament House design. The design is being currently worked on by speedy gosling Isaac. Being made up by same person who designed and produced Anzac ultra tshirt, which is really well made, great fit and comfy. Please let Jen know if you are interested and your size. Orders will be completed when we reach 30 orders. Each tshirt costs only $24 total. For more details, including pictures and size charts, see the speedygeese Facebook page at

Dirt de Femme was on at Stromlo Forest Park this morning and our very own Vanessa was doing the long course. I watched her depart at 9:30am surrounded by a large bunch of other women. By the way, the rain cleared at exactly 7:30am, the time our training began.


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