Wednesday, 6 January 2016

speedygeese training

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Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park Dave, Thommo and I ran 18-20k at a good pace.

Monday at Parliament House
Ewen, Kevin, Sandra and I ran 8k first.
Then our main session repeated last week's: 30 minutes of 600m intervals with 400m recovery, on and near the west side grass oval. Participating were Alex, Andy, Bronwyn, Colin, Dave, David, Diana, Ewen, Garry, Isaac, Jen, Kevin, Pieta, Rae, Ruth, Sandra, Vanessa and me. Some had to leave early. It was pleasantly cool. The rain stayed away.

Let's continue to enjoy longer training sessions in this cooler summer weather! It may not last.
Next Monday is forecast hot, we will run shorter (and faster?)


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