Thursday, 20 August 2015

The 10 biggest myths about running

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1. You Need To Have A Certain Body Type
Anyone with any body type can be a runner.
2. Stretch Before You Run
It's very important for your muscles to be warmed up before stretching. Cold muscles are at the highest risk for injury, which can happen while/from stretching.
3. Runners Don't Need To Strength Train
Running strengthens your muscles, but strength training helps to strengthen them even more, building your running potential.
4. Barefoot Running Will Reduce Injuries
The opposite is the case if you are not used to running in minimalist shoes or barefoot and jump right into it.
5. You Have To Run Every Day To Improve
It’s really not true.
6. Running Is Bad For Your Knees
Among non-runners, definitely the biggest myth is that running somehow isn't healthy or will destroy your knees.
7. Drink At Every Water Station
This is simply not true. Drink for thirst and you are less likely to be over-hydrated.

8. Potassium Will Prevent Cramping
Muscle cramps are caused by muscle fatigue. Cramping has more to do with not training properly or being dehydrated.
9. Running Is Supposed To Be Hard
Running can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Slow down and take in the view, it gets easier and you will be able to go a whole lot farther.
10. Cushioned Shoes Will Prevent Injury
Highly cushioned shoes actually will hurt you, rather than help you.



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