Wednesday, 20 May 2015

speedygeese training

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Thursday: At Dickson I ran early (with a Sarah) then supervised Dave, Janene, Jen, Julia, Kathy, Louise, Roger and Susan running 5 x 850m in lane 4, handicapped.

Sunday: Andrew, Dave and I ran at Stromlo.

Monday: Running early were Cathy, Dan and I.

Monday: the main training session was 12 x 100m hills followed by attrition sprints on the steepest part of the hill. Participating were Jen and Ewen who for injury reasons ran along the lights instead of doing hills; and on the hill Alex, Andrew, Andy, Diana, Garry, Isaac, Nicole, Pieta, Peter, Rae, Susan and Warrick.

Pieta and two of her family; On Monday after training we celebrated her 42nd birthday.

I found a picture of my brother getting married, 40 years ago.
The two children are our first two, 40 years ago. Very cute.
Maxine and Alan haven't changed a bit. Loani and Nathan have.


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