Friday, 8 May 2015

AACT events this winter

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, May 08, 2015 with 1 comment
This winter Athletics ACT are putting on two series of events: Firstly the High Noon Meets that have worked successfully in the past, secondly a new series of cross country races aimed at attracting the distance runners in the ACT.

High Noon Meets: The dates are
Sunday 24 May (AIS)
Sunday 7 June (AIS)
Sunday 21 June (Woden)
Sunday 19 July (AIS)
Sunday 9 August (Woden)
Sunday 6 September (Woden)
Sunday 20 September (AIS)

For full details, download the PDF file at

RunACT: A series of cross country races, the next one is at Fadden Pines on Sunday 17 May, at 2:00pm. The only link I have is the AACT website,, but there is little information and no full program. Or at least I was unable to find it.

Is this why we speedy runners prefer track and cross country?

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  1. The High Noon program looks like sensible fun! I miss hammer/discus throwing quite often and not enough to register with an athletics club again. While I wouldn't have the coordination to throw a hammer right now (and it's not the kind of event that is often available on a "come and try" style of day), I'd love to chuck a discus. :) Sutherland Athletics have a regular "fun" athletics evening over summer, but I haven't found anything similar in Melbourne. :(