Saturday, 7 February 2015

I do love Mondays

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Monday is my favourite running day. 

As blog readers know, I write non-running posts on Mondays: they're always about my favourite music. Partly because music and running go together anyway. But mainly because I can post about a song quickly then take some time to prepare for Monday training. Monday is my favourite running day because I meet my running group that day. Parliament House has been a successful meeting venue for many years and continues to be so. It is central whereas most venues have tended to be northside. It is easy to find. Parking is secure. There is variety, we don't have to train at the same spot each week. Parts of it are well lit in winter. Hundreds of runners have joined us over the years. So it is good to see the numbers holding up in 2015, and it is great to see how the runners who do come, both enjoy and appreciate the sessions. I invite anyone and everyone to think about coming along regularly or just dropping in occasionally. And if you are from out of town and visiting Canberra, do make a point of coming over and saying hello.

Dan, Kylie and Julia training at Parliament House last Monday.

You're welcome!


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