Tuesday, 5 November 2013

they're off and running

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Wednesday 9 October BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
18. Kerrie Tanner 29:24
32. Andrew Matthews 29:42
35. Jennifer Bright 26:07
37. Caroline Campbell 37:40
55. Helen Larmour 33:31
59 finishers

Wednesday 30 October BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
3. Kerrie Tanner 30:28
33. Andrew Matthews 29:01
41. Helen Larmour 30:09
48. Jennifer Bright 26:15
56 finishers

Thursday 31 October ACTVAC Track and Field
M65 Garry Maher in an M65 team which ran 4:54.83 (ACT Record)

M50 Rod Lynch 4:57.49 83.2%
W50 Helen Larmour 6:02.52 80.4

Friday 1 November Customs 5k
Bronwyn Calver 23:14

Saturday 2 November Ginninderra Parkrun #80
61 Jill PEARSON 27:10 W55
115 finishers

Saturday 2 November Tuggeranong Parkrun #37
141 Ewen THOMPSON 43:41 M55
148 finishers

Saturday 2 November Gungahlin Parkrun #3
53 Margaret MCSPADDEN 28:46 W65
103 finishers

Saturday 2 November Sprint Triathlon
98 Amanda Cook 1:30.10
118 finishers

 Bob Harlow running in Saturday's triathlon. Now if Bob Harlow, Robbie Costmeyer, Garry Maher, Geoff Sims, Graham Burke, Des Brown, Kent Williams and I all got fit we could put together some awesome M65 relay teams... Surely four of us could strike form at the same time?

I plan to commence track training in December. I plan to not race again until mid January, or at the very most run in a 5k race around 3 December before the training begins, just to see where I am at. A visit to Gungahlin Parkrun on 30 November perhaps? Or Tuesday's Spring series race, no longer at Stromlo, if the replacement course is a good one?

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  1. You would have loved Stirling Ridge! I think Jen Bright was first female (and goose), well ahead of Craig, Andy and Carolyne.