Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to get race ready in four weeks

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This is an article from the Running Competitor website
and four weeks preparation from virtually nothing is exactly what I did after a month touring outback Queensland in August this year and before the Australian Masters Games in early October.

I like the following quotes from the article:

“My advice with only four weeks to go is to not over-commit on the training.”

“A runner going from little training to guns blazing shouldn’t expect a personal best”

“Building mileage isn’t as important as focusing on quality workouts with only four weeks to go until your race.”

“use your last quality session in week 4 to prime you for the race.”

Of course, one of the problems I had was that I would be racing three long hard races in five days. The other problem was the strained lower back I sustained just days before the first race, which meant the focus had to move towards fixing that - by resting. But it is possible to do three things at once: "train to race and race to train simultaneously" and recover from an acute injury. And plan the race tactics. Four things.

My pattern over the four weeks, though not the detail, followed that recommended in the article. I had a short buildup and a short taper, I focussed more on quality in between, and I had one short race as a tune up for the Games. Note - just the one.

So it's possible to get race sharp in four weeks. Not the best plan, but sometimes necessary. Particularly when injuries or work, or holidays even, intervene and you have to keep starting again.


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