Saturday, 7 September 2013

Train slower, race faster.

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"Studies on the training intensity distribution of elite runners have found that most elite runners run at low intensities most of the time." - Read full article at So my Saturday morning run at Acton Ferry Terminal, for the most part, is slow. I enjoyed meeting four beginner runners at the Ferry Terminal today - Caleb, Elspeth, Snow and Daisy. An easier than usual run is far better than no run at all, and is also better than training too hard too often.

Sarah-Jayne before a 92 minute Wagga Wagga Trail Half Marathon, 8th overall and first woman. She trains hard only three times per week. Photo by Ewen.

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  1. Good article. Making most of the weekly running 'easy' allows them to do more running. Not so sure about the 80/10/10 rule for old codgers. 80k below LT, 10k tempo, 10k faster than tempo if 100k per week?