Sunday, 25 August 2013

back into a routine

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, August 25, 2013 with 4 comments
With minor variations from week to week, here is a plan:

Mondays I will jog in the morning and run at Parliament House in the afternoon, 4:30pm for an early run and 5:30pm to meet the speedygeese for a training session.
Tuesdays I will run long at Dickson at 4:00pm then meet the speedygeese for a training session at 5:30pm again.
Wednesdays I will spend an hour in the gym and then go for an easy run.
Thursdays I will meet the speedygeese at Aranda at 5:30pm. In due course that will morph into Vets track.
Fridays I will spend an hour in the gym doing circuit work, then go on another easy run.
Saturdays from next week I hope to resume running at Acton Ferry Terminal, a long run. This Saturday is a 16k race instead.
Sundays I will continue meeting the speedygeese at Stromlo Forest Park and run intervals. From 22 September this will probably be moved from 8:00am to 7:00am.
Other gym attendances are also a possibility as summer approaches.

Blogging, trying to organise better, a rough plan:
Mondays I have been saving time by posting a "song of the week".
Tuesdays I will attempt to list new race results that have come to hand.
Wednesdays I intend giving an update on our training sessions.
Thursdays I might write something.
Fridays is a chance to publicise future events.
Saturdays could be a day for linking interesting articles and posts from other sources.
Sundays could be a day to post photographs and to summarise the week.

In addition I intend developing a blog describing what we encountered during this month's holiday in FNQ!

Let's trust that injury and illness will stay away.


  1. Welcome home Geoff, and many thanks for bringing warm weather with you.

    Don't think I can make PH until after September 7. Would like to make the Stromlo 8am session now that the frost has melted.

  2. Four days of double workouts, no rest days - that's a fairly tough schedule. So yes, be careful that small niggles don't turn into anything worse.

  3. I will be back at speedygeese on 9 September (after my move) but I will you see you Saturday morning for the 16k!

  4. Lucky you - being able to be so routinised. Hopefully I'll see you somewhere in amongst those run session options.