Tuesday, 16 July 2013

made to last

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A palindrome contest winner:
"An igloo costs a lot, Ed.
One made to last.
So cool.

While I am away in Queensland I will launch a few more palindromes to keep you entertained.

Parliament House last night: I went early for a run but haven't fought off this cold yet, so ended up jogging just 4k. I sent off the main bunch at 5:30pm to run about six loops of ~450m which would include a 100m hill for them to sprint up. Not sure I would head home early again in future; the traffic was horrendous and there were three separate car accidents on the way, luckily not involving me. Canberra drivers have no idea at the best of times let alone at the worst of times.
Doing the training were Craig, Garry, Jen, Mark, Susan & Warrick.

Today it is raining so I will have to check later whether ACT sports fields are open. I expect they will be but this is hard to predict.

I really enjoy driving - but my worst nightmare is other drivers


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