Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tugg turn

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Here are some photos from the 2.5k turn in yesterday's Tuggeranong parkrun

 David W third in line


 self in red
 self again
 George K




While today at Stromlo, Warrick, Andrew S and I fitted in a solid session before the Canada Day Fun Run got underway. A beautiful morning for a run after so many cold or wet days.

Three different approaches to running 3 x 1km:
1. Run them as evenly as possible. Warrick's times were 4:42, 4:41, 4:40 approximately.
2. Work your way into them. Andrew's times were 3:43. 3:31 and 3:26.
3. Die after the first one then find something at the end. My times were 4:28, 5:11 and 4:25.

And at Mt Ainslie there was a Vets Handicap
[I shall update this post with the results ... next week]

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  1. I always end up doing the forth approach: start slow and get slower!