Saturday, 29 June 2013

a visit to the south side

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Today I packed my bags, found my passport, grabbed an umbrella, a towel, and a change of clothes, checked that my snow chains were still in the boot, and braved a drive way down south to Tuggeranong to have a go at their parkrun for the first time. A tricky little course with a few 90 degree turns, made trickier by a little mud in places and constant light rain, but the weather meant that there were no problems with cyclists, walkers, prams and little children, dogs, or antarctic sea-lions.

I haven't raced much and am so out of form, this "race" was no exception.

Susan was the success story - this race was set up as the first test of a training program which I tailored for her and which she started three weeks ago. Despite one or two sessions missed due to weather cancellations, today she came up with a one minute improvement over the 5k distance. Susan's next test is three weeks away and will be the Bush Capital 16k, which is a very demanding course, but she will have previous years' times to compare with. Meanwhile, great work Susan!

speedygeese at Ginninderra 5k parkrun #62 on Saturday 29 June
26 Gary BOWEN 22:01 M55
27 David BAUSSMANN 22:13 M60
81 Cate WINNING 28:31 W50
88 Margaret MCSPADDEN 29:19 W65 New PB!
115 finishers

speedygeese at Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #19 on Saturday 29 June
15 David WEBSTER 21:40 M60
26 Geoff MOORE 22:49 M65 First Timer!
30 Graeme PATRICK 23:21 M60 First Timer!
36 Susan Anne STURGEON 23:52 W35 First Timer!
43 Adam ROBINSON 25:04 M40 New PB!
45 Catherine MONTALTO 25:17 W60 First Timer!
72 Ewen THOMPSON 29:30 M55
97 finishers

Today's Tuggeranong photos

Me finishing

Susan finishing
Looks like it's uphill!

Cathy finishing

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  1. I wish I could knock off 1 minute from my 5k pb with your training program - my goal would be achieved and I could enjoy some gentle jogging! (Jen)