Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tugg turn

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Here are some photos from the 2.5k turn in yesterday's Tuggeranong parkrun

 David W third in line


 self in red
 self again
 George K




While today at Stromlo, Warrick, Andrew S and I fitted in a solid session before the Canada Day Fun Run got underway. A beautiful morning for a run after so many cold or wet days.

Three different approaches to running 3 x 1km:
1. Run them as evenly as possible. Warrick's times were 4:42, 4:41, 4:40 approximately.
2. Work your way into them. Andrew's times were 3:43. 3:31 and 3:26.
3. Die after the first one then find something at the end. My times were 4:28, 5:11 and 4:25.

And at Mt Ainslie there was a Vets Handicap
[I shall update this post with the results ... next week]

Saturday, 29 June 2013

a visit to the south side

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Today I packed my bags, found my passport, grabbed an umbrella, a towel, and a change of clothes, checked that my snow chains were still in the boot, and braved a drive way down south to Tuggeranong to have a go at their parkrun for the first time. A tricky little course with a few 90 degree turns, made trickier by a little mud in places and constant light rain, but the weather meant that there were no problems with cyclists, walkers, prams and little children, dogs, or antarctic sea-lions.

I haven't raced much and am so out of form, this "race" was no exception.

Susan was the success story - this race was set up as the first test of a training program which I tailored for her and which she started three weeks ago. Despite one or two sessions missed due to weather cancellations, today she came up with a one minute improvement over the 5k distance. Susan's next test is three weeks away and will be the Bush Capital 16k, which is a very demanding course, but she will have previous years' times to compare with. Meanwhile, great work Susan!

speedygeese at Ginninderra 5k parkrun #62 on Saturday 29 June
26 Gary BOWEN 22:01 M55
27 David BAUSSMANN 22:13 M60
81 Cate WINNING 28:31 W50
88 Margaret MCSPADDEN 29:19 W65 New PB!
115 finishers

speedygeese at Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #19 on Saturday 29 June
15 David WEBSTER 21:40 M60
26 Geoff MOORE 22:49 M65 First Timer!
30 Graeme PATRICK 23:21 M60 First Timer!
36 Susan Anne STURGEON 23:52 W35 First Timer!
43 Adam ROBINSON 25:04 M40 New PB!
45 Catherine MONTALTO 25:17 W60 First Timer!
72 Ewen THOMPSON 29:30 M55
97 finishers

Today's Tuggeranong photos

Me finishing

Susan finishing
Looks like it's uphill!

Cathy finishing

Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday night

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And I think I have been able to make a post from my new phone. The guess ahead feature makes for quick typing but odd sentences sometimes

i have no memory....

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Speedygeese in the BBQ Stakes 6k Wednesday 19 June
10. Gary Bowen 27:55
23. Andrew Matthews 34:11
37. Caroline Campbell 38:34
44. Roger Pilkington 38:53

Training Monday 24 June
Cancelled - pouring rain. I believe Jen turned up.

Training Tuesday 25 June
Cancelled - all ACT sports fields were closed

Training Thursday 27 June
A perfect evening for running! I was at Kaleen with Kathy, Maria, Susan, Kelley, Rod & Colin. We ran 3 x 1km again, this time with a longer recovery than last week.

Susan and I plan to run in the Tuggeranong parkrun this Saturday. we haven't run there before.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

screen grab

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


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I have now entered the Bush Capital Half Marathon!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


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Monday training at Parliament House: I don't know if anyone went, the weather was appalling.

Speedygeese running the Customs 5k on Friday 21 June
Tim Calver 19:18
Andrew Simpson 20:38
Bronwyn Calver 22:27

In case you haven’t noticed there is to be an election this year, this will bring you up to date. One of the best ever Clarke and Dawes.

Weekend of 20/21 July at Campbell High School both days.

Online registration is open at and there is a 10% discount for all entries by 1 July (next Monday) and a 20% discount for family entries (2 parents and 12 or more children under 20 years of age). The Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival raises funds to assist the Australian mountain running teams going to World Championships in Poland in August and September.

SATURDAY 20 July 2013
9.00am 16km bush run and 16km bush walk
11.00am 5km and 10km walks
12.00pm Under 13 years 2km children’s run
12.30pm 10km run
12.35pm 5km run

SUNDAY 21 July 2013
7.30am 63.3km ultra run and relay (triple half marathon)
8.30am 42.2km bush marathon run, walk and relay; half marathon walk
9.30am 21.1km bush half marathon run

The start/finish on both days is the Campbell High School sports field at the junction of Limestone Avenue and Treloar Crescent, Campbell ACT. The out and back half marathon course used last year for the marathon, half marathon and ultra-marathon in Goorooyaroo and Mulligans Flat reserves is not available this year because of a kangaroo cull in these reserves in late July. It has been replaced by a half marathon course in Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura reserves (a shortened version of the 25 km course used for several years); this is hillier but more interesting and quite scenic.

Monday, 24 June 2013

My Number

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Song of the Week: Foals, "My Number"

Sunday, 23 June 2013

flower bed

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The ACT Cross Country Championships were held yesterday but I was not able to attend due to (a) workmen still invading our home to finish off renovations, and (b) lack of any discernible form, see (a).

With very small fields, even fewer speedygeese, Maria O'Reilly took out the W55s, Carolyne Campbell the W70s, Helen Larmour the W50s. Full results here.

Keep on running

Training this morning at Stromlo - Joel and Andrew S ran km intervals, 3x1k with 1k jog, I supervised. We also saw five of the Vets training out there including Marilyn. Next weekend I will be busy but can just fit in the same early morning Sunday session, so see some of you at Stromlo at 8:00am on the 30th! That is, if you are not running the Canada Day Fun Run, or the Vets handicap, both on later that morning.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

more statistics

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Visits per month to this blog: between 2,000 and 3,000
Number of posts: 3212
Date of first post: 18 January 2005

Speedygeese results Tuggeranong parkrun #18 Saturday 22 June
16 David WEBSTER 21:50 M60
48 Adam ROBINSON 25:45 M40
108 finishers

Speedygeese results Ginninderra parkrun #61 Saturday 22 June
24 Gary BOWEN 21:43 M55
34 David BAUSSMANN 22:36 M60
54 Jill PEARSON 25:45 W55
79 Cate WINNING 28:17 W50 New PB
101 Margaret MCSPADDEN 30:18 W65
121 finishers

Last week's parkrun



 Ruth & Margaret


Friday, 21 June 2013


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My Facebook Friends: 449
Facebook Speedygeese: 130
# Actual Speedygeese currently: 62
# Speedygeese on mail contact list: 54 + me
# speedygeese with no email address (but all contactable via Facebook): 7
Twitter following: 133
Twitter followers: 62
My Twitter Tweets: 294

Training on Thursday at Kaleen were Susan, Kelley, Colin, Rod, Andrew S, Ruth and me. We measured out a 1km circuit and ran three fast intervals over that circuit with a short jog break in between. We can step up to 4 or 5 intervals in future, perhaps even 6 if there is enough time. This is very good training for 3k and 5k racing, as well as being excellent speed work for people racing longer distances than that.

Rod's son Brett Lynch, who has trained with us at Dickson in the past, sets off today for a "world challenge" with his school, trekking in Vietnam, then undertaking a project in Laos at Houy Pong Village. There is lots of detail available, but for background information see

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rather Be Running

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hail to thee

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HAIL to thee, blithe spirit!
Bird thou never wert—
That from heaven or near it
Pourest thy full heart
In profuse strains of unpremeditated art.

The AIS Athletic Track yesterday afternoon

I was aware of none of this and drove out to Dickson as usual to train, but only Roden and Susan showed up so we cut the session short. It would have been ideal training weather as the rain had cleared and there was no wind, although the track was rather soggy. I think the Dickson track must get watered on Tuesdays, and what with the afternoon rain its condition was less than perfect. If we had met at the AIS instead, an all weather track which is usually OK, hailstones like the above might have been a bit much to handle. Storms around Canberra can be like this one was - thunder in one place, hail in another, and light rain elsewhere.

I hit the gym this morning and I plan to head off for an easy 12k this afternoon. If the weather, and a slightly sore back, hold up.

Birthdays: it's that time of year I think! I had 4 more birthday notifications today on Facebook, after several yesterday including Susan and Kym. Yesterday I updated my speedygeese contact list to reflect current membership - the count is 62 current speedygeese! One of them is Peter Burke and I believe it is his 41st birthday today. But it wasn't one of the four on Facebook. So if in fact you are 41 today and are reading this, Peter, happy birthday!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Amble - Percy Cerutty

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This is radical!

Speedygeese results BBQ Stakes 6k Wednesday 12 June
5. Jennifer Bright 28:19
9. Roger Pilkington 39:14
10. Ewen Thompson 36:39
14. Gary Bowen 28:57
25. Caroline Campbell 40:50
28 runners

Speedygeese results Customs 5k Friday 14 June
Tim Calver 22:05
Bronwyn Calver 22:05
Yili Zhu 23:53
Ewen Thompson 30:04
Caroline Campbell 30:34

Speedygeese results YCRC Stromlo 8k Saturday 15 June
18. Andrew Matthews M50 39:18
21. Ewen Thompson M55 44:50
23. Caroline Campbell W70 46:21
23 finishers

Training Sunday 16 June Andrew S and Lucia ran km intervals at Stromlo

Training Monday 17 June at Parliament House: Cathy and I ran early. Then we did an intense hill session of twenty sprints to bid farewell to Sarah-Jayne, who leaves for Albury today. Others participating were Andrew S (who reports that Sarah-Jayne outkicked him 19-1!), Craig, Mick C, Rae P, Rae W (new), Ruth, Susan & Warrick.

Photo from the past

when we were very young

Photo from the future

Kevin 11767

Today/tomorrow is your last chance to enter this Saturday's ACTCC Championships:
However I am in no shape to run so won't be entering

I would only be ambling. No shape, no point.

Two runners whose shape is excellent are having birthdays today.
Happy Birthday Susan 39 today!
Happy Birthday Kym 32 today!

Monday, 17 June 2013

It is even colder in Iceland.

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Song of the week – "Mountain Sound", by Of Monsters and Men
Watch on YouTube-

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Early morning at Molonglo

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Kayaking in Canberra's winter looks like good therapy!

A runner's dilemma - where to fit all these? via Chilliman

Meanwhile back to race planning; it is good to have help

Saturday, 15 June 2013

fit at 35

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Speedygeese results Ginninderra Parkrun #60 Saturday 15 June
21 Tim RAWLING 21:13 M25
27 Gary BOWEN 21:42 M55
34 Brett MORRISON 22:14 M40
35 David BAUSSMANN 22:25 M60
40 Janene KINGSTON 23:17 W45
82 Ruth BAUSSMANN 28:16 W60
93 Margaret MCSPADDEN 29:53 W65
112 finishers

Speedygeese results Tuggeranong Parkrun #17 Saturday 15 June
49 Adam ROBINSON 26:26 M40
95 finishers

Running for Norths
 April 1983

A while ago. Thirty years or so.

Friday, 14 June 2013


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Speedygeese results
BBQ Stakes 6k Wednesday 5 June
11. Gary Bowen 28:06
15. Jennifer Bright 26:15
48. Caroline Campbell 38:09
59. Helen Larmour 28:04
62. Roger Pilkington 47:23
70 finishers

Customs 5k Friday 7 June
Tim Calver 19:00
Jennifer Bright 22:02
Bronwyn Calver 22:28
Amanda Cook 25:50

1. Winter Series - Stromlo Forest Park –Saturday 15th June
2. Longstaff/Pennington 6th July – Changed venue
3. 27th July Runners Shop Fun Run – 27th July
4. Runners Shop June Sale has commenced.

1. Winter Series – Saturday 15th June – Stromlo Forest Park - Program
10am – 2k – Primary School Children (2 times 1k loop reverse)
10.15am – 4.5k/6k – High School/College Students (1 times 2.5k loop plus1 times 2k loop, both in reverse). Anyone wishing to run 6k can run 2x2.5k plus 1x1k loop in reverse.
10.30am – 3k – Parents/Others (2 times 1.5k loop reverse) – 8k – 4 times 2k loop in reverse.
The 4.5km at 10.15am and the 8km at 11am are junior and senior club point score events respectively.

2. Events Saturday 22nd June 2013
The YCRC will not be conducting events on Saturday 22nd June. We will however be assisting ACT Athletics and ACT Veterans Athletics Clubs conduct their winter championship events.

3. Longstaff/Pennington Saturday 6th July 2013
Please note that because of works in Weston Park, the events programmed for this date will be held on Yarralumla Oval at intersection of Novar Street and Alexandrina Drive, Yarralumla.

4. Runners Shop Fun Run – Saturday 27th July.
The Runners Shop are great supporters of our club. As a normal club event we will hold the Runners Shop Fun Run on Saturday 27TH at Grevillea Park, East Basin. Very flat fast course for both 5k and 10k. Free entry to YCRC club members.

-from Ken Eynon, YCRC.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

"All ACT sportsgrounds are open" was a lie

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*** All ACT sportsgrounds are now closed ***
I wish they would follow their own rules about advising this!

Results Sri Chinmoy half marathon
Caroline Campbell 2:09.57 first W70
Sri Chinmoy 5 mile
Kym Chisholm 35:26 first female

Kaleen tonight

All ACT sportsgrounds are open. Training is on.

We cancel Kaleen & Dickson if (and only if) the govt closes sports grounds.
"All ACT Government Sportsgrounds are currently: OPEN
"Please contact (02) 6207 5957 for ground closure information. Please note that this information is updated at 9am each working day."

This from

I rang the number and the grounds are open.
They have closed all sportsgrounds this afternoon. Training is not on.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fancy running in the rain?

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Yes thanks. Following my training program has #1 priority.

It looks as if we might get some rain for the rest of the week. Keep on running, keep on running!

I was talking to Susan about training and said that one day off a week was a good idea, and that included no gym work, yoga, stretching class etc, "like I do". Then I thought, hang on, I go to the gym on my "day off". So I have rearranged my training plans and will move my "day off" to another day, and run on my gym day instead of resting.

My training plans are flexible, and atrocious weather can mean a temporary rearrangement of sessions. If I miss a day for whatever reason, I like to reschedule the session for later in the week. However I have a rule I follow when in full training: at the end of the week, write off any missed sessions, and start again on Monday with a clean sheet.

For that reason, it is a good idea to schedule the rest day towards the end of the week. Maybe even Sunday, the last day of my running week. And do any missed training on that day when necessary. So that is what I will do.

New template
You have noticed that the blog template has been updated. If you find any problems let me know. I had to make the background the colour it is so that my existing post highlight colours could stay as they are (this, this, and this, although I will do some more fine tuning). Ewen couldn't find my training diary. Look at the very top of the template and you will see the links to who we are, where we train, who I am, and how I train. Later when I get time I will add a whole lot of menu items further down where just "home" appears at present.

There are six slides in the "slide show" and you click on the arrows to navigate.

Training last night at Dickson
Running early - Miranda and I, 13k, meeting up with Kelley again on the way round Mt Ainslie.
Running track - we ran a serious of six or seven 450m runs with 450m jog in between. There was Rod, Colin, Ruth, Margaret, Kym, Mick H and Kelley.

Wet and cold mountain running action

One competitor and several onlookers

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

running morning noon and night

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Speedygeese training at Dickson, Tuesday 4 June
As best as I recall, the early run was the 12.5k lap of Mount Ainslie, with Clint, Miranda and I meeting Kelley part of the way who turned around and ran with us to the finish; then on the track some 400m intervals for Rod, Colin, Clint, Kelley, Mick H and Susan. It's a while ago now so I hope my memory was good!

Mick H running the mountain

YCRC Stromlo 10.5k off-track, Saturday 8 June
4. Kym Chisholm 48:44
There were only 8 finishers, and there were just 11 starters including Andy and me!

Speedygeese training at Parliament House, Monday 10 June
Ewen and I ran 8k early, then for the main session we went down to the lake and run 12 x 140m, up-hill sprints on 2 minutes. I trotted around trying to get some range of motion happening, and doing the full sprints were Ruth, Sarah-Jayne, Craig, Andrew S, and Jen.

So on Mondays I think we will continue with strength work (hilly runs), on Tuesdays middle distance intervals, and on Thursdays longer distance intervals, while on Sundays at Stromlo in the cold, longer running seems in order.

And at night the cats have a run

Monday, 10 June 2013

Clarke & Clarke & Boy & Bear

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Song of the week: Boy & Bear, "Southern Sun"
The lead single from the forthcoming album 'Harlequin Dream'

Queen's birthday awards - congratulations go to Ron Clarke (OA)

And see

This week, an excellent Clarke & Dawe

Manipulation of political opinion isn't just the province of journalists!

Training IS on today, normal times, despite it being the Queen's Birthday holiday.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mount Stromlo Circuit

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Dear Diary: Today I managed to get out in zero degrees and run 13k, a much better effort than yesterday despite the cold. How did I manage this? It was all due to Lucia, Andrew, and Sarah-Jayne meeting me at 8:00am and giving appropriate encouragement. As age wearies me and the years condemn it is becoming more difficult to get up the energy to run solo, much easier to get the running completed when joining or joined by others. Company has always helped but this is true now more than ever. By the way, today's three companions are all running well.

Mount Stromlo 13k

This is one of my favourite runs but it is such a long time since running it, I may not have put the map up for a while, if ever.

It was Sarah-Jayne's last long Sunday run with us before she leaves for Albury. We will surely miss her! Fear not, she hopes to join in this Monday and next at Parliament House before her final farewell.

I dug out this photo from the archives...

Sarah-Jayne and friends

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Another Parkrun PB to Margaret, and a new speedygosling

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Customs 5k Friday 7 June
Tim Calver 19:00
Jennifer Bright 22:02
Bronwyn Calver 22:28
Amanda Cook 25:50

Ginninderra 5k Parkrun #59. Saturday 8 June
23 Gary BOWEN 21:25 M55
80 Ruth BAUSSMANN 28:30 W60
82 Margaret MCSPADDEN 29:36 W65 New PB
111 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k Parkrun #16 Saturday 8 June
12 David WEBSTER 22:01 M60
13 Yili ZHU 22:13 M50 New PB!
50 Adam ROBINSON 27:38 M40
82 finishers

It was cool at 8:00am for the parkrunners - and much nicer at 11:00am for those of us running the YCRC 10k at Stromlo. "Us" was only Kym (4th outright), Andy (dnf) and myself (dnf) with Ewen jogging the earlier short race (3k). The nicer weather did not help!

New speedygosling!
Today we need to congratulate Will and Abi on the arrival of their baby boy, Max, who was born last night. All are doing really well!

Friday, 7 June 2013


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At training last night, very surprised to see Kathy, and also there were Maria, Susan, Ruth, Clint, Rod, Colin, and of course me. See Ruth's blog for a short write-up! Today I was to run Customs but the electrician called which put paid to that. Planning to run YCRC tomorrow but the same might happen.

And I might have to go to the gym more often if this cold weather continues.

Or eat more.

I am hoping to freshen up this blog soon by transferring to a new template. This is not straight forward, because the widgets need copying over. I will do that to a not-public test blog first. And I will have to ensure the colours still stand out. Or change them. It has been over a year since the last major template update; long enough.

A transition time is probably a good opportunity to thank all my loyal readers. And the plan is that the blog will keep ticking along for as long as I do. Even when I am on holidays (soon). Read on!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Is Barefoot Running The Best Way To Go?

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New studies are casting doubt on the trend.
The New York Times’ Gretchen Reynolds recently blogged about whether or not barefoot running is really all that it’s cracked up to be. Apparently, there is a series of new studies that indicate this may be the case.
The Journal of Applied Physiology looked into whether or not landing near the front of your foot (what tends to happen when one runs barefoot or in minimalist footwear) is physiologically efficient.
Researchers from the University of Amherst recruited 37 experienced runners  — 19 heel strikers and 18 who tend to land near the front of the foot.
All the volunteers were equipped with neutral running flats and put on a treadmill while being told to run as they normally do.
On the treadmill, they ran at three different speeds: easy, middle, and fast.
Throughout those runs, the researchers studied the oxygen uptake, heart rates and how carbohydrates were providing energy to the runners.
As a separate experiment, the same group was asked to switch styles.

Speedygeese Results
YCRC Symonston 9k Saturday 1 June
12. Andrew Matthews M50 45:36
18 finishers

YCRC Symonston 4.5k Saturday 1 June
12. Ewen Thompson M55 25:32
16 finishers

Casting doubts on the study
I wonder how heavy the experienced runners were in the above study? Being light in weight and getting up "on the toes" is surely the way to run faster over long distances? Worked for me! These guys were Americans, hmmm. And another factor, wouldn't it help to have run barefoot as a youth and beyond if you want to stay comfortable with mid-foot fore-foot? And if they "burned fewer carbs" when heel striking, wouldn't they go faster if they burnt more "carbs"? Just thinking aloud. But running economy isn't everything.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


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Speedygeese results BBQ Stakes 29 May
10. Kerrie Tanner 30:26
11. Jennifer Bright 30:32
16. Gary Bowen 28:28
42. Caroline Campbell 38:07
51. Andrew Matthews 28:53
58. Roger Pilkington 55:45
59. Helen Larmour 55:47
64 finishers

Not one wanting to entertain floccinaucinihilipilification, I present a story from Jen Bright. “I now have proof that there is a direct link between children and hair loss.... my too lovely ‘middle children’ decided to pretend to be hairdressers and do my hair (inspired by anita doing laura's yesterday).... anyway there I am sitting there feeling rather tired as the two are pulling my head in every direction doing my hair and spray nice apple smelling avon hair product in my hair... rather relaxing I thought... should be doing other things but hey Im meant to be resting - no ones fighting so hey... hmmm suddenly they starting rubbing in some sort of new hair product.. a cream rather than a spray... it doesn't smell so pleasant so I ask them what they are putting in... they proudly produce a bottle that they say says ‘hair’ on it... I look at it and discover it was the hair remover I hadn't had a chance to put away from shopping.... for my legs not my hair..... I running off screaming to the shower... they discover why and start giggling...... anyone wanting a few extra children!”


And now, back to the normal trivia.
Bananas can make you happy.