Saturday, 16 February 2013

better times

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Ginninderra Parkrun #43
16 Tim RAWLING 20:50 New PB!
24 Brett MORRISON 22:28
33 Jacob CLIFTON 24:03
35 Cathy NEWMAN 24:35 First Timer!
44 Thea ZIMPEL 25:30 New PB!
75 Margaret MCSPADDEN 31:33 First Timer!
94 finishers

Today I ran 14k, with newcomer Kristian, from Acton Ferry Terminal as usual. I have been averaging ~6:03 per km for my long runs, today the average was 5:18! This was partly due to the cooler morning being ideal for running, but mostly due to having suddenly some gained fitness back. My next effort day will be a return to BBQ Stakes this coming Wednesday, although I am planning to trot around at the YCRC Summer Series the day before.


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